Mothers of May Sq.

Mothers of May Sq.

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 Mothers of the plaza de mayo

On April 30, 1976, a group of mothers of missing youths about whom the government did not give information about their situation went to deliver a letter at the Government House requesting that they be informed that they had been with their children on suspicion Certain that they had been illegally detained by police and military forces of the Military Government that had recently overthrown the Constitutional Government. Since it was a weekend nobody saw them, so they decided to come back next Thursday. That day, finally, was chosen – until today – to carry out its marches around the Pyramid of May; A historical monument that remembers the 25 of May of 1810, date that marked the beginning of our independence of the Kingdom Kingdom reached the 9 of July of 1816.

 Mothers of the plaza de mayoAt that time, it was the “State of Siege”, which forced the women to walk around the May Pyramid because it was forbidden to hold meetings of more than five people by a law passed by the military government. The law said that groups of people who exceeded that number, had to separate and withdraw from where they were. If they did not, the police could take them to jail.

At first, the mothers gathered on a bench in the Plaza, but then they had to march around that monument, because there were many and they could not stand still and talking among themselves. They made the decision to walk and so they could not stop them or take them to jail.

Thus created the association of Mothers of Plaza de Mayo; Because when they came together to claim for their children in other agencies of the military government, they felt separated. Instead, in the Plaza de Mayo, they were all the same, they had all taken their children, shared their sorrows joined to make their claim felt.

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