Islas Malvinas war memorial

Islas Malvinas war memorial

Sight included on our Buenos Aires Free City Tour

In the sector of the square San Martin that limits withDel Libertador Avenue stands out the Monument to the fallen soldiers during the War of the Malvinas, fought against England between April 2 and June 14, 1982.
It is a cenotaph that has 25 black marble plaques, which include the names of all the Argentines fallen during the war confrontation -a total of 649 combatants, whose remains are actually in a cemetery of the Islands. The plates do not indicate the military degree of the fallen, so that there is equality in the memory. Below them there are 25 shields -23 of them are from the Argentine provinces, one from the city of Buenos Aires and the rest is the National Shield.

The monument was designed by the architect Andrés Morán. At the top of it, on a map that refers to the geography of the Islas Malvinas, stands a votive lamp bearing the “eternal flame.”

Every morning the national flag is raised at 8 o’clock; and then the site is guarded by an honor guard formed by members of one of the three armed forces, which is relieved every two hours until 6 pm, when the flag is raised.

The Monument was officially inaugurated on June 24, 1990. It has a reminder plaque with the following text: “The nation also pays homage to those who keep in their body or memory the traces of combat.”

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