Why do the city looks European?

Why do the city looks European?

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Buenos Aires is often referred to as “the Paris of South America”. This has to do with some traces of architecture that remained of other times, and which are still perceived in certain neighborhoods.

During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries the ruling elites of Argentina looked upon Europe as a model. And so they copied the culture, fashions, tastes, and architecture of the Old Continent. Of those years were multiple mansions, palaces, and small hotels inspired by the dominant style in Paris and in other European nations. These buildings were particularly shaped in Buenos Aires, in the neighborhoods of Recoleta, Retiro, Barrio Norte and in the center of the city.
On the other hand during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries the country received large immigration flows from Europe. For those years Paris was the paradigm of architecture, since they were times of the Bélle Epoque (1875 to 1914) which was reflected in the rise of art nouveau, neoclassicism, eclecticism, beaux arts style and neo-baroque.

These styles together with the Norman architecture and the English styles Reina Ana and Tudor arrived in Argentina with European architects who immigrated between 1918 and 1930 – considered as the “Crazy Years” and characterized by Art Deco in design and architecture-. That also left a certain imprint in some neighborhoods of the city.

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