How safe is Buenos Aires? Is Buenos Aires dangerous?

How safe is Buenos Aires? Is Buenos Aires dangerous?

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Here we will give you some tips to start the summer to be safe in BA…

As a big city, in South America you have to be aware, while going around and special attention in the subways, where pickpockets do really well…

While walking in the city of Buenos Aires and in subways you will see people with backpacks in their front, and that is a way to keep them out.

Main suggestions:

– Always ask if it’s safe where you will be moving around, especially at night. ex: la boca is not that safe out of Caminito area.

– When you take a taxi, ask the driver to turn the taximeter ON, and try to pay with small notes. The ONLY fixed price IN PESOS will be the fare to/from the airport, not from the port.  You can use Taxi Premium to call them (telephone: 5238-0000) because they will speak english, you can always ask the restaurant or bar where you are to calla taxi for you, and if not another super option is UBER that works really well in Buenos Aires

– DO NOT EXCHANGE money in the streets. Will you do it at home? Then avoid doing it in here, too good to be true.

– DON’T use jewelry in Buenos Aires, especially watches. One of the most usual ways of robbery is gust luxury watches and necklaces.

– Avoid close contact with strangers that approach you  offering help to wipe off stains of a liquid previously squirted on you. This is use to distract while they pick your pockets.

-Dont leave your purse unattended at any time in bars or restaurants, just have them on your lap.