Tango in Buenos Aires

Tango in Buenos Aires

Sight included on our Buenos Aires Free City Tour

Since you are in Buenos Aires (the Tango Capital) is a must do some Tango. This are two different options.

Or you can go to a traditional Tango Show, there are lots and very good ones, but the best tango show in Buenos Aires is La Esquina Carlos Gardel

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The Milongas are the night clubs for tango dancers, so you can go there just to watch real people dancing tango, or to dance the tango! I won´t recommend you to try to dance if you don´t really know how in there, they will NOT smile to you
There are many Milongas (Tango night clubs) but we will recommend, the cool (C) and the traditional (T), depending on wich night;

Monday  TANGO:

El Afronte, 571 Peru St. San Telmo. Starts 10, 30 PM.

Tuesday TANGO:

La Catedral4006 Sarmiento st. Abasto.  Starts at midnight

Buenos Ayres Club (Tango Queer) 571 Perú st, San Telmo. Starts at 9.30 pm

Wednesday TANGO:

Maldita Milonga ,  571 Perú st, San Telmo. Starts at 10.30 pm

La Marsharll (tango queer, tango gay) 444 Maipu st (1st flor) downtown. Starts at 10 pm

El beso (T), 416 Riobamba st 1st floor. Starts at 10,30

Thursday TANGO:

Niño Bien tango, 1462 Humberto primo st (1st floor). San Telmo. Starts at 10.30pm

La viruta tango , 1366 Armenia st, Palermo. Starts at 11 pm.

Club Gricel, 1180 La Rioja st. Starts 10,30 pm.

Friday TANGO

Salon Canning , 1331 Scalabrini Ortiz ave. Palermo, starts at 12 pm.

Villa Malcom , 5064 Cordoba Ave. Starts @ 10,30 pm.

Saturday TANGO:

La viruta tango , 1366 Armenia st, Palermo. Starts at 12 pm.

Confiteria La ideal, 384 Suipacha st, downtown. Starts at 10 pm.

TANGO in the Street in Buenos Aires

La Glorieta , on the square at 11 de septiembre st, bet Sucre st and Echevarrria St, Saturdays and Sundays from 6,30 to 11 pm you will have this authentic tango in the streets! (btw in a square )

El indio milonga, Plaza dorrego (yes on the square, open skys!!). Once the San Telmo fair its done, at 7.30 you will find this beautiful milonga. San Telmo´s milonga.

Tango in the afternoon/evenings in Buenos Aires

Confiteria La Ideal), 384 Suipacha st, downtown. Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun from 3 pm to 8,30 pm

El Arranque , 1759 Bartolome Mitre st, San Nicolas. Mon, Tues, Thurs and Sat from 3pm to 10 pm.

Enjoy the best Buenos Aires Tango in Buenos Aires!!!!

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