Top Things To Do in Buenos Aires

Top Things To Do in Buenos Aires

Sight included on our Buenos Aires Free City Tour

Buenos Aires is a city founded in 1580 that after more than four centuries, has become the second most populous city of Hispano-America, after Mexico City. Besides of being the Capital of Argentina, it is also a cosmopolitan city that receives tourists from all the latitudes of the world, because of the many attractions that has: Architecture, Culture, Gastronomy, Entertainment, Fashion and Arts. Among its attractions, are the Tango and the classic football match between the teams of River Plate and Boca Juniors, in the mythical stadium called “La Bombonera”. The city is divided into 48 neighborhoods, some of which present tourist attractions for the picturesque style and for keeping its original surroundings intact, such as the neighborhood of La Boca or San Telmo. Also in the outskirts there are tourist attractions of importance as the circuits of San Isidro or Tigre.


The City Tour that departs from the “Congress Square”, runs the ten blocks between this square and the ¨Plaza de Mayo¨ square, so named in commemoration of the revolution that gave birth to the country and its separation from the Kingdom of Spain. On your way, you cross the ¨9 de Julio Avenue¨ that commemorates the date of the independence of the country. From this point you have a panoramic view of the famous obelisk of Buenos Aires. Throughout “Avenida de Mayo”, beautiful style buildings can be seen, among them, the Barolo Palace and surrounding “Plaza de Mayo” square, the most important buildings of the administration of Argentina, such as the House of Government, called “Casa Rosada” -for the color that characterized it since its construction-, the Ministry of Economy, the headquarters of the National Bank of Argentina, the building of the “Cabildo” that was constructed in the colonial period, the Cathedral of Buenos Aires and the last residence of Pope Francisco in Buenos Aires. In the “Casa Rosada” you can see the balcony from which Eva Peron gave historical political speeches to the people gathered in the square. The route then takes the pedestrian street called Florida, which has shops and galleries with the most varied products, among which there are leather goods and iconic buildings such as the “Pacific Gallery” and the “Cafe Tortoni”.


Since the ¨Recoleta Tour¨ begins almost at the end of the City Tour, but a few hours later, those visitors who want to make the most of the day can take a lunch in the area, rest in the sunny ravines of Plaza San Martín and after recovering energy, initiate the wonderful tour that runs the heart of the most aristocratic neighborhood of the City of Buenos Aires. In this tour, you will be able to walk along the Alvear Avenue from the “Carlos Pellegrini square” to the “San Martín de Tours square” surrounded by the “Recoleta Cultural Center” and the famous “Cementerio de la Recoleta”, where there are the tombs of the most representative personalities of history in Argentina, as many of the politics and celebrities of Arts. Throughout the tour in this neighborhood, you will find French-style buildings that have given the name of “The Paris of South America” to this area of ​​the city of Buenos Aires.


After enjoying these interesting and fun Tours, tourists are interested in taking other proposals of BaFreeTour such as: the ¨Private Tour¨, the “Stadium Tour” and the “Tango Show”. The ¨Private Tour¨ is carried out in a ¨Mini Van¨ type vehicle, which makes it possible to extend the tour to nearby neighborhoods of notable interest, such as the historic San Telmo, the modern Puerto Madero, the picturesque neighborhood of La Boca and also one of the trendy neighborhoods, that is Palermo. The ¨Stadium Tour¨ is a “must” for football lovers, where they can feel the festive atmosphere they can live in the stadium of the most popular soccer team in the country. And of course, visiting Buenos Aires is also getting into its music, music and tango dance that has become famous all over the world.