Since you are already planning to come to Buenos Aires, you should consider make a visit to one of Argentina’s neighbours: Uruguay. Though small in territory, it has beautiful towns to discover.

buenos aires to colonia ferry“So, what’s there to see?” The most attractive cities are Montevideo, Colonia del Sacramento and Punta del Este. But if a day trip is on your mind, you mustn’t miss Colonia del Sacramento. It famous for its historic quarter and recognized as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The best way to get there from Buenos Aires is by ferry. Here are your options:



BUQUEBUS Puerto Madero.

It’s near Alem Metro Station, but the best thing is to take a taxi to the port.

1 hour 15 mins. 56 USD for a round ticket per person.
SEACAT Puerto Madero.

As it is a subsidiary brand of Buquebus, they both use the same port.

1 hour 15 mins. 42 USD for a round ticket per person.

Its port is not the happiest. Do take a taxi to this place.

1 hour 15 mins.

But the cab to La Boca, might take a while depending on the time of the day and the location of your hotel.

53 USD for a round ticket per adult


*DISCLAIMER: Argentina is a country with high inflation rates. Please check the companie’s websites for updated prices. Also, due to COVID-19, there may be some protocols and changes. Keep Posted!


“Anything else I need to know?” Sure! I list it below.

1) Uruguay is a different country. You may need to get a visa beforehand. Check here if you need one. 

2) Arrive at the port at least an hour before the ferry leaves to clear migration.

3) Don’t wait for the last minute to but your ticket. Especially in the summer, tickets sell out quite fast.

4) In Uruguay they don’t charge taxes to tourist, so you may use your credit card. Remember Argentinean pesos are usually accepted.