how to go to tigreEl Tigre is a town in the north of Greater Buenos Aires, some 30 km from the Autonomous City.

The city’s charm lies on that it sits on the Parana River Delta. This is where the Parana River splits into many streams and rivers creating the islands that constitute the whole city.

It offers a nice escapeway from Buenos Aires’s hustle and bustle.

“Sounds good! How do I get to Tigre?

Well, here you have your options:


I am highly likely to get lost.

how to go to tigreTake the METRO LINE D (the green one) and get off at JURAMENTO Station. Walk along Juramento Avenue 6 blocks to the east. You will pass by the Round Church of Belgrano and the Larreta Museum. You will find the BELGRANO C Train Station next to a big park.

Get the train that goes to Tigre and relax.




I am willing to enjoy the trip and the whole scenery.

how to go to TigreGo to RETIRO Train Station. Take the train that goes to BARTOLOMÉ MITRE. Get off at the LAST STATION and take the TREN DE LA COSTA to Tigre, which is the final stop.

This line offers you the chance to buy a day-ticket. This means you can get on and off the train as many times you like, allowing you to visit other towns on your way to Tigre.

Mind you: the last station is called DELTA (that’s Tigre).



I am fit and sporty.

If you are a keen cyclist you may as well ride a bike. Take the bike lane at Libertador Avenue and ride towards the north. As you leave the city you can follow the Paseo Vicente López along the banks of the River Plate. You can take Elcano Street to return to Libertador Avenue and finally take Italia street to enter Tigre.

You may return by train.

We leave you the link to the GPS so you don’t get lost or get confused on the way!



“And what’s there to do?”


how to get to tigreStroll the Paseo Victoria

This is a lovely walk along the Luján River. Along the way you will find fancy steak houses, tea houses, ice-cream parlours and green areas where to have a picnic if you bring a snack with you.



Visit the Tigre Arts Museum

how to go to tigreThe Paseo Victoria leads you to a magnificent French-style mansion of the Argentinean Belle Époque.

Long ago it served as a club for dancing and gambling, but now it holds a small arts collection.

The building itself is worth visiting.




Take a Boat Tour

how to go to tigreThese are nice and sweet 1-hour tours along the broader rivers of the Delta.

You will find many companies offering their services around the train station.





kayak tigreGo Kayaking

Some local companies offer kayaking tours that allow you to get in a more intimate and adventurous contact with nature.

You may contact “Delta en Kayak” at, or by whatsapp on (011) 15 2471 5050



Visit the Puerto de Frutos

how to go to tigreThis is the must-see attraction in Tigre. This is a huge market along the river where you can buy anything from food to wicker crafts and furniture.

It opens every day from 11 to 18hs, but on Fridays and the weekends is when all the shops are open.

We let you here the link of their website to more information.