What to Do in Carlos Keen: A Rural Charm near Buenos Aires

Carlos Keen, situated just 90 kilometers from Buenos Aires, is a charming village that is worth a visit for its unique and pleasant rural atmosphere. It offers a mix of history, gastronomy, culture, and nature. Here we detail the must-do activities in Carlos Keen.

Historic Center

The historic center of Carlos Keen is notably well-preserved, giving you the chance to step back to the early 20th century. A stroll through its cobblestone streets lets you enjoy colonial architecture. A highlight is the San Carlos Borromeo Church, built in 1892 with a distinctive neo-Gothic style. If you are a history lover, don’t miss the Regional Historical Museum, where you can explore artifacts and documents that tell the town’s history.

Local Gastronomy

what to do in carlos keenIn Carlos Keen, you’ll find a variety of grills and restaurants offering classic Argentine cuisine. You can savor traditional empanadas, exquisite cuts of meat, and delicious desserts. A notable place is the restaurant Los Girasoles, located on an organic farm and serving homemade food made with fresh and natural products. Many of the restaurants are housed in restored old buildings, giving you both a gastronomic and historical experience.


Cultural Events and Craft Fairs

what to do in carlos keenEvery weekend and on holidays, behind the Carlos Keen train station, a craft fair is held where you can find local products such as leather goods, textiles, food, and decorative items. Cultural events are often organized in conjunction with this fair.

Bosquecito de la Vía

what to do in carlos keen

A few blocks from the train station, you can enjoy a charming walk along the old railway track and delight in nature and the sunset. This four-block route takes you through a natural tunnel formed by vegetation, ideal for photography.


Rural Cycling

A very pleasant activity is to cycle through the rural roads of the area. Surrounded by fields, Carlos Keen offers many rural streets that cross picturesque landscapes. It is advisable to check the weather, as dirt roads can become muddy if it has rained recently.

How to Get There

The easiest way to get there is by car, taking National Route 7 and exiting at kilometer 72. It is also possible to arrive by bus via line 57-Ramal Luján, and then take the 503 from the Luján terminal to Carlos Keen. Remember that for public transport you will need the SUBE card. Here’s how to get it!

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