Traditional Country Day, a getaway from the center of Buenos Aires to have a completely different activity.

We take it for granted that at this point, you have already visited the best museums in the city, you joined our various Free Tours, surely you walked through the Recoleta Cemetery and, for a change, you feel that there was enough of so much city.

For this reason, we propose a day trip of so much bustle and magical buildings. A getaway to nature, to an activity that, until now, you have not done.

traditional country day98km from Buenos Aires, in the wild town of Lobos, there is a very beautiful French-style castle, which is called La Candelaria. It was completed in 1900, and it is one of the largest in the country. With 100 hectares of tranquility and peace, it has to offer varied activities such as horseback riding through the forest, different sports, spa service and polo classes. Open every day, with high quality hotel service.

Despite its variety of days, we recommend you go on Saturdays, since it is the day they organize a real traditional Argentine party!

For the modest sum of 35 USD, approximately $ 2700 ARS today (contact for price updates), you can count on a full field day that includes reception of typical empanadas, classes on how to prepare them, a traditional Argentine barbecue, dance show folkloric, a complete tour of the castle that we mentioned before, gaucho skills and a snack with typical pastries.

traditional country day

Also, you will be able to enjoy walks through the park, which was designed by the renowned landscaper Carlos Thays (you will see it in several of our notes), and, from November to March, the pool is enabled!

All activities begin at 11 am at the ranch, and end at approximately 6 pm.

Pick-up from the hotel and transportation is offered by La Candelaria itself, for an additional cost that you must consult with them. If you want to go on your own, and you don’t have a car, here is a guide to renting cars in Buenos Aires.


Contact La Candelaria



Whatsapp: +54 9 11 3766-2134

Phone: (54 – 02227) 424404/494473/494132

Facebook: / EstanciaLaCandelaria

Instagram: @estanciacandelaria


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