A great cultural experience you can have in Buenos Aires is to attend a Folk Peña. Below, we’ll tell you all about these cultural spaces and the best places to enjoy Folk Music in Buenos Aires.

What is a folk peña

Folk peñas are gatherings where live regional music is shared. They showcase the different musical styles found in the country such as chacarera, chamame, tango, vidalas, zambas, and many more.

They usually take place in cultural centers or regional restaurants. Therefore, it’s possible to accompany the music with a regional dinner such as empanadas, humita, locro, barbecue, milanesas, and wine.

Depending on the venue, there are either ticketed shows or open mic spaces where anyone can perform.

Below, we recommend some places where you can enjoy this experience.

Folk Music in Buenos Aires

Asociación Folclórica La Paila

It’s a regional restaurant located in Palermo. Among other things, they offer Empanadas, stews, Tamales, platters, stews, and sandwiches (with vegetarian options).

They usually have a varied agenda of musical shows. They also offer different workshops and activities related to the regional culture. On their Instagram page,https://www.instagram.com/la.paila.asociacion/?hl=es you can find the updated agenda and information for making reservations.

La Morena

Located in Recoleta, this restaurant brings together people who gather to share regional music and food. It’s a folk peña and a gathering of guitarists. From 11 pm, the first chords usually begin and extend into the early hours of the morning.

The restaurant offers lunch and dinner, but it’s also possible to just go for a drink. On the menu, you can find fried or baked empanadas, humita, potato pie, and tamales.

On their Instagram page, you can find more information to plan a visit to this regional restaurant.

Peña La Resentida

Every first Friday of the month, the big dance peña is held at La Resentida. It’s located in San Telmo, and each gathering is a party of live music and dance. We also leave their Instagram for updated information.

Peña Posta Bermejo

This folk peña is a music club where, in addition to live shows, folk dance classes and dance groups are offered. You can see their offerings and agenda on their Instagram profile. This music club is located in the Parque Patricios neighborhood.

Not only in Buenos Aires will you find Folk Peñas, as it is a tradition that is experienced throughout the country. If you visit other towns and cities, you can find out which is the nearest peña to fully experience the local culture.

Map of the Peñas