Here’s where you can store luggage in Buenos Aires.

Often, while traveling, we find ourselves needing to spend a day or a few hours in a city. A good option to make the most of this time and walk around without burdens is to use a luggage storage service. 

These are storage facilities that allow you to leave suitcases and bags for hourly or full-day rates in secure locations, allowing you to explore the city more freely. It’s also possible to store luggage for several days in case you need to make a trip, for example, to Uruguay.

Where to Store Luggage in Buenos Aires

The classic place to store luggage is at airports. Ezeiza International Airport, located on the outskirts of the city, has self-service lockers available for daily rental, but there are size limits for the suitcases. Additionally, like all airport services, it is considerably more expensive than a city service.

Jorge Newberry Airport, located in the city of Buenos Aires and mainly receiving domestic flights and those from neighboring countries, does not have luggage storage facilities. However, they recommend a company called Luggage Storage BA. This is a locally recognized and trusted company with storage facilities in two key areas of the city: Palermo and Centro.

They are open every day of the year and do not require reservations; you just need to show up and check in your luggage. They only require identification, and to retrieve the luggage, you will need the identification and the storage ticket. The service is paid for when you pick up the suitcases.

The company also offers other services such as luggage pickup if you need them to collect it from your hotel or the airport, as well as transportation services.

There are also other platforms that work with different storage spaces like shops, but there aren’t many references yet since it is a new service.

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