In the following article, we’ll tell you how to travel to Uruguay from Buenos Aires with all the detailed information to visit this beautiful country. Visiting Uruguay is very popular among tourists visiting Buenos Aires and even for many citizens of the federal capital. The highlighted cities of these visits are Colonia and Montevideo.

How to travel to Uruguay from Buenos Aires

By Boat

The fastest way to get to Uruguay from Buenos Aires is by crossing the Río de la Plata. There are some companies that make the crossing by boat and even offer transfers or complete packages. Below we detail this:

Boat companies to reach Uruguay

how to get to uruguayThe most recognized company with the most schedules is Buquebus, which departs from Puerto Madero, near the center of Buenos Aires. They offer various services such as transfers, day packages with tickets, excursions, meal packages, and packages with accommodation. Colonia is one of Uruguay’s most popular destinations.

There are two possible destinations, Colonia and Montevideo. It’s possible to go directly by boat to both cities, as well as to go directly to Colonia and take a bus included in the ticket that takes you to the Uruguayan capital.

The other company that makes the river crossing is Colonia Express. It offers similar services to Buquebus except for the direct boat to Montevideo. Many travelers choose to cross with their own car to be able to travel the Uruguayan routes. Both companies have the option of cargo.

If you would like to buy tickets through an agency, you can contact them here.

How long does the journey take

The trip to Colonia from Buenos Aires takes 1 hour with both companies. The Buquebus service direct to Montevideo takes 2:15 hours. If you choose the option of combining a boat to Colonia and a bus to Montevideo, the complete journey takes 4 hours.

Documentation to travel

Remember that when visiting a new country, it is necessary to go through Customs, and this may delay the transfer depending on the time you travel. For some nationalities, entry with a visa is required. In this link, you can check the countries exempt from a visa.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. You must also arrive at the terminals on time as you have to check in. In general, you must show up at the corresponding terminal 2 hours before the trip.
  2. You can travel with pets.
  3. Hand luggage is free of charge.

By Car

It is also possible to cross to Uruguay by car, but the journey is longer as you have to skirt the Río de la Plata and enter by land at the height of Gualeguaychu. The trip takes approximately 6 hours between Buenos Aires and Colonia.

We hope the information is useful to you and that you have a beautiful trip to our neighboring country.