What to do in Colegiales, everything you need to know to discover a little touristy but charming neighborhood of the city of Buenos Aires!

Although it is not as well known touristically, it has a wide variety of diverse activities to offer you. It will manage to surprise and impact you like Recoleta or Palermo without a doubt…

Its name is due to the fact that, here, students from different schools came to enjoy their vacations.

Confused and linked with the neighborhood of Chacarita, another less touristic neighborhood too, its size and offer of attractions grew over time, so that, currently, it has the magnitude of offer and the importance of Palermo. A lot of street art, residential areas with beautiful streets to walk, design shops and endless gastronomic offers to delight you.

On Avenida Cabildo is where you will find the greatest movement, from the Colegiales Station. Between Elcano and De Los Incas Avenues is where you will find the most attractive and beautiful mansions and houses in the neighborhood.

But let’s see step by step the details about what to do in Colegiales:


What to do in ColegialesAbsolute reference of this neighborhood, it is the place where you will find a variety of articles.

From furniture, musical instruments, paintings, countless utensils, vintage objects, porcelain and sculptures, there will be a wide variety of what you can see in the premises inside this huge warehouse. Here, you’ll find a surprising amount of heirlooms and props, as well as amazing collectibles and antiques.

Regardless of wanting to buy or not, walking around here is a great option, not only because of the variety of products on offer, but also because it works like a time machine. You will feel like you are going back to ancient times and, in many cases, you will feel like you are back in childhood! As a plus, it has a huge gastronomic offer for you to delight the palate as well as the view!

Without a doubt, you are going to spend several hours walking and enjoying yourself here!

You will find the Flea Market on Calle Dorrego and Avenida Álvarez Thomas, from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. On Sundays, its hours are reduced from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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What to do in ColegialesAs in Palermo, a near neighborhood of Colegiales, here you will also find a lot of Street Art. This not so popular neighborhood has managed to win the hearts of young artists, so all its walls prove it.

For this reason, we recommend you walk through this place paying attention to its walls, which have great works, very important for urban art, which, in addition, fill all the buildings in the neighborhood with life and color.

Its streets have beautiful trees and the houses are low, which provides greater tranquility with an extra particular tone so you can enjoy the view and a walk without too much noise.

The walls that surround the Flea Market, and those that are located near it, are an excellent example of huge murals, such as the famous mural of Frida Kahlo, which is located at Av. Dorrego 1735.



What to do in ColegialesThis place was created to pay homage to the famous humorist, father and creator of the world-famous Mafalda Cartoon. The girl who hates soup, who managed to win everyone’s hearts, and who also lives in Colegiales.

For this reason, this neighborhood is known worldwide, since Mafalda is a cartoon that traveled the world.

Between the streets Conde and Concepción Arenal, is the Mafalda Square, in honor of our beloved Quino.

On this site, you will find cartoon pictures, characters and various illustrations. To rest a little from the walk and enjoy a moment outdoors, it is a beautiful plan!



Passages ColegialesIn addition to all of the above, to continue delighting your eyes, we recommend that you visit the General Paz Passage, which was designed and created by Pedro Vinent in 1925.

This engineer and architect created a passage that has a double access road: Ciudad de la Paz 561 and Zapata 552 streets. It is a building with 57 collective homes, overlooking an internal patio that has dreamlike tiles and floors, located around a rectangular gallery.

Currently, it is a private area, but you may be lucky and you can walk inside to enjoy the details and its beautiful balconies. A tip to get in is to sit down for a drink at Pipí Cucú, the Café next door, and take advantage of the opportunity if its side door is open!

Another passage that deserves your visit is Gorostiaga, which is not a dead end street, but continues towards Avenida Del Libertador. Likewise, it is about 100mts of centennial houses and varied architectural styles in the same street. Here, you will notice that the neo-colonial style is mixed with French academicism, art deco and tudor.



Gastronomy ColegialesAs it is a very complete neighborhood, gastronomy is also an important attraction for you to try!

In ancient times, great personalities of Tango frequented its cafes.

Currently, this neighborhood has a Gourmet gastronomic corridor located on Elcano Avenue, with a huge offer, varied for all tastes.

In the surroundings, you will also find restaurants or bars that blend in with the most beautiful houses on the site.

For all this, our recommendation is that you explore the neighborhood and go where your palate and sense of smell want!


If you are looking for an avant-garde and quiet place, this is the ideal place for you to visit. Delight yourself with its tree-lined streets, its simple beauty and its colorful murals, so you can enjoy a beautiful walk around here, with different activities.

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