The Argentinian Cockade Day, the celebration and commemoration of the Argentine colors.

Every May 18, the day of the Cockade is celebrated in Argentina. The date was instituted by the National Education Council in 1935. For this same reason, it is included in the school calendar.

It is one of the symbols that represent the Argentine homeland, in addition to the flag, the coat of arms and the national anthem.

The Argentinian Cockade DayThe origin is due to the request of Manuel Belgrano (here you can learn more about this hero) to create a symbol to unify the colors of the army, which at that time used different badges.

On February 13, 1812, the use of the National Badge of the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata was approved. It was shaped like a flower and its colors were white and light blue.

In the following years, the use of the cockade was extended to the entire population, ceasing to be simply a badge for the army. As a national insignia, it was worn on coats and hats. At the time, its use was limited to certain important national dates such as the week of May, from May 18 to 25, in which the events that led the country to the May 25 Revolution are commemorated (of which you can learn more here). Another date on which the rosette is used is July 9, commemorating Argentina’s Independence Day.

The Argentinian Cockade DayCurrently, the cockade does not always have a flower shape, there are those who use two intertwined ribbons with the national colors, other pins that simulate the circular shape or the Argentine flag, and thus, you can see thousands of variables. The most important thing is to wear the light blue and white colors of our country, regardless of the shape of the insignia. The rosette is located on the left side of the chest, close to the heart.

In addition to the cockade as our national symbol, the creation of the National Flag was another extremely important event. This was our first country insignia, by the hand of Manuel Belgrano, on February 27, 1812. With the colors light blue and white, adding a Sun in the middle of it. Here you can learn more details about the creation of the Argentine Flag!

Other national symbols are the Shield and the Argentine National Anthem, the song of our country.

The Argentinian Cockade DayAlthough May 18 is not a holiday or considered a non-working day, you will see many people wearing the national colors to honor our history. Despite the fact that its use is no longer so common, in school it is mandatory to wear it on important dates.

Here we leave you more information, to know about the most important historical events in Argentina!