Bird Watching Buenos Aires, a way of doing ecotourism in the city.

Bird watching as a leisure activity is a great way to do tourism today and, in turn, it will allow you to get to know little-traveled places. In addition to being a huge city, Buenos Aires has an extensive variety in terms of natural options.

In this note, we will tell you about the most favorable places for you to observe and delight yourself with the birds of Argentina and all their beauty.

Ecological Reserve

Bird Watching Buenos AiresWith an extensive variety of exotic and native species, it has a total of approximately 343 different birds. It is the most important and largest nature reserve in the city of Buenos Aires. In this note, we also tell you about this spectacular green space so you can enjoy it! Declared an Important Area for the Conservation of Birds.


Tres de Febrero Park

Right in the main neighborhood of the city, it is located in Palermo and has a huge variety of birds. At the same time, being such a large and easily accessible space, it will offer you different activities so that you can make the most of the day!


Sarmiento Park

Located in Saavedra, being a not very touristy area of ​​the city, it has an extra attraction that is visiting a different space. Here, an ideal environment for the life of animals and plants is generated. You will see large amounts of species, in addition to having many different activities to enjoy a day outdoors.


Bernardino Rivadavia Museum of Natural Sciences

Bird Watching Buenos AiresIf what interests you is to know even more in depth about these fantastic animals, our recommendation is that you visit the Museum of Natural Sciences, which has a specific room on Birds. In this place, you will find five natural spaces in the country, in addition to having the possibility of listening to the song of 50 different species that inhabit Argentina. We leave the Museum’s website so that you can access all the information here.

As an additional to these spaces, there are also organizations that offer different organized tours, but what we most want to highlight and remember is that, beyond the walk you do, you can allow yourself to pay close attention and explore all the spaces. You will be surprised by the quantity and variety of species that you will be able to see!

Here are the links to the organizations in case it is of your interest:

Bird Watchers Club

Argentine Birds


Map of Attractions