Buenos Aires Best Bodegones, a list of the best in the city, so you can know where to find these typical places to eat.

As we tell you in this other note, “Argentinian Bodegon”, the best way to get into the history and culture of the city of Buenos Aires is by going to eat at one of its typical bodegones.

It is a special style of restaurant, full of typical decorations and the best traditional home cooking that you are going to try!

Now, after all the information we gave you, do you want to have access to the best still lifes in Buenos Aires?

Here we are going to detail our list of favorites:


buenos aires best bodegonesIts doors were opened more than 25 years ago, and its service to locals and tourists never ceased. It was founded by Manolo Fernández, an Asturian who came to our country.

What stands out the most about this typical Buenos Aires bodegon is that its portions are huge, its setting is fascinating, and its waiters are the most expert in the whole city!

Here is their website, since they have an online reservation system.

📍Bolivar 1299, San Telmo.

☎️ +54 11 4307 8743


La Gran Taberna (The Big Tavern)

buenos aires best bodegonesIts doors opened in 1976, behind the National Congress.

It is characterized by being always full of people, its food is excellent, although it is not so cheap.

We recommend that you contact us by phone to make a prior reservation, and consult well about their current protocols for the COVID-19 situation.


📍 Combate de Los Pozos 95, Congreso

☎️ +54 11 4951-7586


Spiagge di Napoli

buenos aires best bodegonesCrowds of people gather at the door of this typical Bodegón of Boedo to eagerly await an available table.

It opened its doors more than 80 years ago, and they never accepted reservations. We can assure you that it is worth the wait!

Likewise, we recommend that you call before to find out about their current protocols and opening hours.

📍 Av. Independencia 3527, Boedo

☎️ +54 11 4931-4420


Ña Serapia

best bodegonLocated in the Palermo neighborhood, it is a small bodegon, but recognized for its typical dish of Locro a la Cacerola.

Here you will be able to taste typical dishes of the North of Argentina such as empanadas from Salta, quince pastels and humitas.

Just in case, call ahead to get a good look at their current protocols.

📍 Av. Las Heras 3357, Palermo.

☎️ +54 11 4801 5307



best bodegonIt is a place that will transport you to the beginning of the 20th century. It is a place with dark wooden walls and very dim lights.

Compared to the bodegones that we mentioned before, in this place you will find more variety of young people who come together to watch football or have a good beer after work.

📍 Av. Rivadavia 2138, Congreso

☎️ +54 11 4951 5833


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