Argentinian Bodegon, what to expect from these typical places to eat homemade, delicious and cheap in the city of Buenos Aires.

Argentine cuisine is not just one, but a combination of Spanish, Italian and German dishes all in one place. In this case, in an Argentinian bodegon.

And what is this so named place in our city about? According to the gastronomic critic Pietro Sorba, the bodegon is characterized by “the transmission of a feeling of belonging to the city, by the accessibility of the food, its abundance and the atmosphere.”

argentinian bodegonHis description is not at all wrong. When you enter to a bodegon, you will first notice its particular decoration: walls full of framed soccer jerseys, pennants of the same sport, legs of ham and salami hanging from ceilings and walls, the old penguin jugs, bottles of wine all over the place, corners and many shelves full of old gadgets. Told like this, it looks like a mess, but we assure you that you are going to love being inside a typical Argentine bodegon!

On the food side, they always have very generous portions; with simple but well homemade meals. There is also the clarification that culinary innovations are not welcome, and, above all, prices must always be accessible to all public.

In the honesty of these places, it includes pasta, stews, tortillas for all tastes, the Neapolitan Milanese, squid, pancakes and homemade flan with dulce de leche. None fail and they are all of excellent culinary quality.

argentinian bodegonIn each Buenos Aires bodegon that you step on, you will find the living history of our country.

Sitting down to eat in a place with these characteristics is a trip to the center of the city itself, of its culture, and, without a doubt, the best way to get to know each other.

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