Duration of the Buenos Aires-Colonia Ferry, we analyze how long it will take you to make the trip from the city of Buenos Aires to Colonia, Uruguay.

duration of the ferry buenos aires-coloniaThere are three companies that make the journey from Buenos Aires to Colonia: Colonia Express, Buquebus, and its sub-company, Seacat. All offer a service that lasts 1.15 hours. Clearly, their cost and the services offered by each one will vary.

But, do not forget that Colonia is not part of our territory, so, being in another country, you will have to arrive well in advance at the port to check-in and go through migrations. We recommend you to be 2 hours before your departure, especially if it is the high tourist season. In addition, given the world-known situation of COVID-19, the times and protocols to take into account are different and generate a greater delay at the time of shipment.

We leave you this link here, so you can see if you need a visa to enter the neighboring country. We know that European, Latino and American citizens do not need a visa to enter Uruguay, but it is worth corroborating it.

duration of the ferry buenos aires-coloniaBuquebus and Seacat services depart from Puerto Madero; an area very accessible from any part of the city, which you can reach by subway. You get off at Catalinas Station and you are only going to walk a couple of blocks. In the case of Colonia Express, its service departs from an area further away from what we consider to be hotels, in a fairly desert neighborhood, so it is preferable that you take a taxi directly.

Therefore, in order to calculate the duration of the Buenos Aires-Colonia ferry, you will have to calculate the entire route from the hotel to the port, the hours prior to boarding and the journey itself.

Also, do not forget the transit factor that, many times, generates delays in arrivals. And, it is a factor that applies to any means of transport!