Free Tours Buenos Aires, we tell you what this new trend is about.

In Europe, specifically, in Berlin, Germany, these free tours began to be offered in the face of fatigue of tourists free tours buenos airesdue to the high prices of tour companies. So it was, that they decided to offer excellent quality tours for the whole world and in several languages, with the option of each tourist deciding the price of it.

The modality, then, is about: proposing a tour with the price that each one believes is worth, that is, a tip for the tour. This tip will vary depending on the quality of the tour you received, so it will be subject to the professionalism of the guide who performs the tour, but it will also depend on everyone, regardless of their economic position, being able to collaborate.

These Free Tours or Free Tours are used by people of any economic situation and nationality, from people with a high economic power, to backpackers who want to keep their money for the remainder of the trip and, thus, be able to enjoy and know the cities with the minimum possible expense.

free tours buenos airesThis new trend has expanded at an enormous speed to all parts of the world, until it finally arrived in the city of Buenos Aires in 2013.

It really is a wonderful way to discover the secrets of the city of Buenos Aires, to delve into its history and culture. Believe us, you will not regret taking a Free Tour with us!

Join the free tours around the city, regardless of your budget! We have several tours per day, every day of the year, with the exception of Christmas and New Years. Another important fact, no matter the weather!

Here we leave you the direct link to our free tours!