Parks of Palermo, a tour of the best parks in this gigantic Buenos Aires neighborhood.

Palermo is a neighborhood known for its green spaces. Today, they form the most popular green spaces in the entire city.

With a special collection of gardens, they make this an ideal place for those who enjoy walking and doing purely outdoor activities.

On this occasion, we are going to put together a list of the best parks and gardens in Palermo. Best of all, they are very close to each other, so if you have a good rhythm, you will be able to visit them in half a day, or in a whole day if you want to enjoy the walk and do it more relaxed.

Another point in favor is that you can have lunch or dinner there, since the Paseo de la Infanta Gastronomic Pole is in this area!

Given the variety and quantity, there is something for all tastes and styles. But some important tips are: if you are going to want to visit just one, the main one is the Rosedal; If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, you cannot miss the Japanese Garden; and if you prefer the variety of species, you inevitably have to go to the Botanical Garden.

They are all located between Figueroa Alcorta Avenue and Santa Fe Avenue, and they are all free entry, except for the Japanese Garden, which has paid entry.

Bosques de Palermo (Forests of Palermo)

parks of palermoAlso known formally as “Parque 3 de Febrero”.

It is a green area with different areas and sectors.

Public ride of yesteryear and, without a doubt, the most popular. Here, you will find hundreds of porteños every day who go out to do some sport or activity in the open air, or who simply take a walk to breathe some fresh air.

In these forests, the Rosedal that we will talk about here below in detail is located …



parks of palermoThe most famous in this neighborhood and the most visited by tourists who come to the city.

Designed by Carlos Thays, it has a collection of 93 different species of 8000 roses in total. It is a fairy tale walk, with lakes, pergolas and bridges. Venue for romantic outings, filming, wedding proposals and various meetings.

Here, you will be able to enjoy, not only the flowers, but also its beautiful trails and landscapes.

Prepare your memory card to take many beautiful photos, as it is one of the favorite places for a good photo book!


Japanese Garden

parks of palermoIn 1967 it was founded by the hand of the Japanese emperor Akihito, when he visited the city of Buenos Aires.

Outside of Japan, it is the largest garden of its kind and style.

The Buenos Aires preferred place to enjoy this space of Asian culture.

Full of Japanese tree species and sakura trees, it has traditional redwood portals in the best Asian style, beautiful bridges, small ponds, koi fish in the lakes and Japanese sanctuaries.

Entering this garden is like entering Japan without stops!

Here we leave you their web page so that you can have access to the schedules and costs of the tickets. Given the situation of COVID-19 there are certain protocols to take into account when visiting it.



parks of palermoFormerly, in this place, the Buenos Aires Zoo was located. But, given the new considerations of animal care, plus modern times, the city government decided to relocate the different species of animals from the old zoo, to make space for an interactive park. The purpose of this creation is to have a space to learn and enjoy the ecosystem and learn more about caring for the environment.

Here, you will be able to find old zoo structures completely restored, forming unique heritage. That is, old enclosures and cages for animals that emulate architectures from the countries where they came from. In addition, there are small palaces and exotic temples.

Visiting this place is a journey of learning and enjoyment!


Botanical Garden (Jardín Botánico)

parks of palermoWith a variety of species from 5 different continents of the planet. It is a place that transports you to another dimension, despite being in the heart of Palermo.

It features a beautiful neo-medieval castle, a glass palace among the trees, a sculpture set that forms a romantic walkway, and a giant greenhouse.

Here we leave you its website so you can see all the activities it offers!



Paseo de la Infanta Gastronomic Pole

infantaNext to the access to the Bosques de Palermo and the Rosedal, under the attractive brick arches of the train passage, is this huge gastronomic pole of restaurants, ice cream parlors, bars and breweries.

All together, it forms the perfect place for strategic stops, both at noon, or at dinner after a long walk through the parks.

The variety of places here, have an outdoor space whose tables have a direct view of the parks.

It is a recreation area for both the palate and the eye!



planetarioGoing to the Rosedal, you cannot miss visiting the Planetarium that is only a few meters away.

It is a building that looks like an alien spaceship that landed in the middle of the Palermo forests.

A place whose purpose is the dissemination of knowledge about the stars and the universe.

Ideal to coordinate a visit inside and learn more about the fantastic galactic world.

Here we leave you their website in case you can coordinate a visit or access an interactive sample.


Map of Attractions