Tortoni Coffee, a visit to the most characteristic past of the city of Buenos Aires, its culture and traditions.

Located in the famous Av. De Mayo, as a sincere and faithful memory of the Argentine Belle Epoque, maintaining its iconic coffee style of the city and great caretaker of our country’s past.


tortoni coffeeIts doors opened in 1858, thanks to the French immigrant Touan, who also gave it its name in honor of a café in Paris, the focus of elite meetings.

Later, the administration of Café Tortoni was in the hands of Don Curutchet, who was in charge of taking it to its maximum splendor.

It has a particular iron facade, which is a design by the architect Alejandro Christophersen.

Cradle of meetings for great national artists, personalities such as Carlos Gardel, Luigi Pirandello, Julio Cortázar, tortoni coffeeJorge Luis Borges, Federico García Lorca, among others, have enjoyed sitting at their wooden and marble tables, having long conversations of various kinds.

Currently, you can go to enjoy not only its varied cuisine, but it also has Tango and Jazz shows.

On their website, you can see everything that Café Tortoni has to offer.

Undoubtedly, it is a place full of Argentine history, its culture and tradition. It keeps part of our past in the present.


Useful Data

tortoni coffee1) You cannot leave Tortoni Coffee without first having tried their churros with chocolate. It doesn’t matter what time of day you go! The latte with croissants is a classic too! Also, Café Tortoni has a delicious draft beer, in case you’re looking for something more refreshing in the afternoon / evening.

2) Its hours are from 8am to 1am, but throughout the day you will see people circulating and, many times, a line of people waiting at the door to enter. This phenomenon happens more than anything in summer and outside the COVID-19 situation. With the new world situation, we suggest you visit their website to be able to enter with the new protocols and without setbacks.

3) It is not a place suitable for a few minutes, it is more a space that invites you to stay. Our culture is more in the format of staying reading, chatting with friends or acquaintances, or even working with the pc. We love to enjoy our time, and a coffee of this nature lends itself to enjoying it in a very cozy atmosphere. Once inside, you will want to admire all the history and memories that keep those walls!



📍 Avenida de Mayo 825 (CABA)

📞 +54 (11) 4342-4328



Map of Location