Punta Lara Coastal Park, all the details about a modern and new space that is located a few minutes from La Plata.

It is an option that was built to enjoy a different walk along the coast of the Río de la Plata, further away from the downtown bustle of Buenos Aires.

Punta Lara Coastal ParkPunta Lara is a town that is very close to La Plata, so you can enjoy both places. Here we tell you how you can get to La Plata and by following this other link you will be able to access the best attractions to do there!

It has a thousand linear meters, built on the banks of the Río de la Plata as a defense wall in the riverside area. With a path of 8 meters wide for visitors to circulate, iron railings, stairs, lighting and vehicular ramps to access the beach. In turn, it has equipment for benches and baskets to enjoy a day of picnic, rest and even to ride a bicycle along the bike paths. Without hesitation, you will see the best sunsets while you enjoy a different walk.

Punta Lara Coastal ParkThe start of its construction was in 2021, culminating in January 2023. Before, it was a deteriorated space without much attraction, so accessing the beaches was more cumbersome. Thanks to this construction, it was possible to reverse the situation and turn this space into an important tourist spot, since around 100,000 people come to this place every weekend.

In season, different cultural and sports activities are added so that the enjoyment of the new Coastal Walk is even greater. Little by little, this town is becoming a fast-growing and strong-trodden tourist hub.

Punta Lara Coastal ParkThanks to this new Coastal Park, a safe, public and modern space is added on the banks of the River, which, in turn, benefits the development of tourism in this area and its surroundings as well.

Access is public and free. You can plan a different walk, enjoy the outdoors, practice sports, have a delicious picnic in contact with nature, carry out different activities and delight yourself with beautiful landscapes on the banks of the river.

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