Vegetarian Restaurants Buenos Aires, a list with the best options to vary from the typical Argentine meat.

Even if you do not know much about Argentina, it is common knowledge that our country has the best cuts of meat, therefore, it is almost a must to try them. But, some time ago, vegetarianism has been imposed as a better food option, both for your health and for the environment, so we want to bring you the best options of Vegetarian Restaurants that Buenos Aires offers.

Thanks to the geography of our country, its soil is really favorable for growing a variety of vegetables and fruits. In turn, due to the temperature and the different heights, there is a great diversity of foods, which facilitates not only obtaining delicious, healthy products, but also variety.

So, get ready to delight yourself with exquisite options of Vegetarian Food, here we have the list of Vegetarian Restaurants in Buenos Aires by neighborhood:


Buenos Aires Verde

Vegetarian Restaurants Buenos AiresIn the heart of Palermo, in a very busy area, it also has Vegan Food options. Open from 9 a.m. to midnight, with varied options from breakfast to dinner. You will find delicious woks, soups, pasta, burgers, sandwiches, raw food among other dishes, as well as vegan ice cream, cakes and much more!

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Krishna Veggie

Vegetarian Restaurants Buenos AiresOpen from Wednesday to Sunday, with various proposals for dishes, squeezes, juices and more. Located in Malabia 1833 street, with a beautiful Hindu style. All his food, vegetables, dairy, fruits, spices and flours are prepared with love and devotion, as an offering to Krishna and hence his name.

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Pizza Vegana

Vegetarian Restaurants Buenos AiresOpen from noon, all day, until midnight. It has several branches, but in San Telmo, you will find it on Chile 882. With a huge variety of vegan pizzas, in addition to being a Gluten Free site!



Sattva Vegetarian Awareness

Its essence is found in the perfect harmony of its raw materials, which are selected with extreme care, together with organic ingredients. Located on Montevideo 446, it has dishes that will offer you a balanced, comprehensive and natural diet.

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Le Pain Quotidien

Le painIt is an Artisan Bakery, with a variety of salads, cakes, soups, quiches, croissants and endless options. Located inside Recoleta Mall, it stands out with the use of totally pure ingredients. All its production is combined with fresh seasonal products and ingredients.





Green Eat

Green eatA space with a huge diversity of bakery, dishes and drinks of different styles. Here you will be able to delight yourself in a rich, natural way and with completely fresh products. It has different branches, but the one in Recoleta is the widest and most varied.

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They have the Take-Away service in case you want to eat somewhere else!


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