Pure Air Buenos Aires, is a tour of the best outdoor places in the city.

Due to its size and its cultural variety, Buenos Aires is a city full of activities, attractions and places that you cannot miss to enjoy. This time, we bring a variety of options so you can have a day full of fresh air and nature.

We put together a list with a variety of squares and parks according to the area you want to know, focusing on the delimitation of CABA (or the capital).

Here we discuss our top places for you to enjoy the Pure Air Buenos Aires:

Palermo Woods (Bosques de Palermo)

Pure Air Buenos AiresIt is a huge space, full of paths and large trees, where you can carry out endless sports activities, or sit and enjoy its beautiful lake, walk around it, sit under a tree and relax in a place of less noise and more peace.

In the heart of the most popular neighborhood in the city, you are going to love heading here. In addition, it is a strategic point to go to various places in the Palermo neighborhood. Even within these forests you will be able to see the renowned Galileo Galilei Planetarium and the Rosedal Walk, with its paths full of European style.

Also, you will see that there are many bars that surround this area, so acquiring a delicious craft beer will not be a problem.

It has several access roads through different streets in the area, but the best known are Avenida Libertador and Avenida Sarmiento. It has free and free entry all day.

In addition to having a huge space, you will be able to perform the style of physical activity you want and you will see a huge number of people running, biking, many rollers and skateboarding. But don’t worry, there is plenty of room for everyone!

Very close to these forests, you will be able to get closer and enjoy the new Ecopark of the city. Here we tell you about this attraction!


Japanese Garden

Continuing in the same area and near the Forests, you will be able to go to an enchanted place of Japanese culture. You will fall in love with the Japanese Garden as soon as you step foot inside, since you will feel as if you Pure Air Buenos Aireshave been transported to Japan without stops. What we recommend that you do is get closer in time to be able to visit it without rushing and enjoy it completely.

The entrance to the park is with entry and in the face of the situation that we live in the world of COVID-19, there are now 4 visiting shifts. Here we leave you the link to their website so that you can see the schedules, protocols and buy the tickets.

It is not the size of the forests that we mentioned before, but it has a lot of charm and detail to discover. It has typical trees, as well as structures and typical designs of Japanese culture. Also, you will meet a variety of Koi fish in the lagoon!

Here we leave you a special note about this beautiful place!


Botanical Garden

Pure Air Buenos AiresAn ideal place if you consider yourself a lover of trees, plants and a variety of vegetation! With 7 hectares for you to explore and about 6 thousand species of flora so that you can learn their names and recognize each one as you walk through the paths of this immense Garden.

It is located at the intersection of República Árabe Syria Street and Avenida Santa Fe. It is one of the largest open air spaces, a special place to have a day of learning, relaxing and walking in nature.

In this note, we tell you much more about this space so that you know everything you can do here.

It has free entry.


Generic Floralis

floralisLocated on Avenida Figueroa Alcorta, it is a metallic structure 23 meters high and 18 tons in weight. Inaugurated in 2002, it is a gift from Eduardo Catalano, an Argentine architect, to the city of Buenos Aires.

What is attractive, in addition to its size and design of a giant flower made of aluminum, concrete and stainless steel, is that its gaze is directed to the sky, and, in turn, its petals open and close depending on the time of day. Yes, as you read, it has an electrical system that allows you to simulate the behavior of a real flower.

At 8am it is when it opens and closes all of its petals at sunset, according to the time of year according to the disposition of the Sun.

Its name is due to the combination of Flora (floralis) and “genre” (Generic), since it represents all the flowers in the world.

Know more here!


General San Martin Square

Going towards the Retiro neighborhood, in the downtown area of ​​the city, you will find this giant Plaza. A san martinfew steps from the Retiro train station, several historical events have occurred here.

Its size will surprise you, so you will find a variety of activities to do here as well. It has a playground for children, as well as meters and meters of place to enjoy a break on its benches, or walk along the paths it has, or lie down on the grass to read and relax for a while. Also, nearby you will find a very famous ice cream store, in case you want to enjoy an ice cream looking at a little green and breathing fresh air.

It works as an insulator to the bustle of this area, and you will be able to delight your ears with the music of the song of the birds.

Entrance is completely free, as well as being easily accessible given its location. If you go by subway, you must take Line C and get off at Estación San Martín. Through here you will go straight to the Plaza. If you use Line E, you will get off at Retiro Station. In turn, many groups bring you closer to this place.

Here we tell you more about this amazing square!


Ecological Reserve

ecological reserveIn Puerto Madero, you will find an immense space of 350 hectares of nature.

Considered one of the largest reserves in Latin America, it has more than 2,000 species of fauna of varieties of amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, as well as an enormous diversity of native flora.

If you want to enjoy a day in the middle of an isolated area of ​​the city, this is the ideal place! Once you enter the reserve, you will feel as if you have traveled to another side away from the city. With a large number of paths that will take you to viewpoints of the Río de la Plata, a huge forest and many animals to discover.

The entrance is through Brasil or Viamonte Streets. Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., remaining closed on rainy days.

Here we leave you more detail about this charming place.


Lezama Park

lezama parkOne of the most renowned spaces in the San Telmo neighborhood, almost reaching La Boca.

A giant-sized park, with a variety of sculptures, a large fountain, an amphitheater and, on some special days, a large and varied fair.

Around you will find many bars with Take Away option to be able to put together a picnic at the moment!

Admission is possible through Defensa or Brasil street, with free entry all day.

Afterwards, you can walk to the Defensa Street Fair and delight in endless beautiful antiques in the stores there. In turn, you will be able to visit the notable bars in the area.

Here you can know more about it!



We take the opportunity to leave you a list with another variety of green spaces and clean air in different parts of the city:

-Recoleta: Carlos Thays Park

-Caballito: Rivadavia Park

-Almagro: Centennial Park

-Saavedra: Sarmiento Park


Map of Attractions