What to do in La Boca, a list of the best places for you to get to know this colorful Buenos Aires neighborhood in depth!

It is an important neighborhood for the history of the country, since this is where Tango and the passion for football were born.

Its streets are full of colors, since the houses in the area are all painted, so it will attract your attention without hesitation!

Now, let’s see what to do in La Boca:


What to do in La BocaIt is a famous street in the area, surely you have already seen a photo of the most colorful street in Buenos Aires.

We could call it a huge outdoor exhibition, not only because of the immigrant boxes that surround it, but also because of the number of local artists that pass through here.

It is the symbol of the strong personality of this area of ​​the city, in addition to the origin of Tango.

At times, you will feel like you are in a fairytale place, due to the superposition of shapes, materials and colors in its design.

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What to do in La BocaWithin the Caminito area, it is where the famous Conventillos are erected.

These are old houses where immigrants who arrived in the country used to live. In many of these spaces, today you are going to find handicraft, souvenir and antique shops. In other cases, they were transformed into restaurants or bars, and many many remain as family homes of yesteryear.

In many cases, you will be able to access to see them inside, and you will probably find a musician setting the moment!


Filleting and Street Art

What to do in La BocaIn Buenos Aires there is a style of art that is unique and typical of the city, which is the Fileteado Porteño. The characteristics that stand out are its curved lines, bright colors and creative compositions that are used, mainly, to decorate the houses in the neighborhood and decorate signs. Keep your eyes open, because you are going to see it all over the La Boca area!

In turn, you will notice that the entire neighborhood is surrounded by street art, with immense graffiti murals, which denote the mythology and the enormous passion of the area, as well as the exhibition of the feelings of those marginalized who were residents of the place. from the beginning.


Boca Juniors Stadium

La BomboneraAs you may already know, Boca Juniors is the most recognized soccer team in the world, not only because of the number of tournaments won, but also because of the enormous passion of its fans. A team that generates enormous feelings, making the people of La Boca very proud to have their stadium nearby.

It is known as La Bombonera, and stands as the temple of football. Around the field, all the streets are dressed in blue and yellow.


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