What to do in Tigre, a complete guide to everything you will be able to do in this beautiful outdoor place!

It is one of the most popular places chosen by the locals to enjoy a day outdoors, without having to go too far.

In both summer and winter, natural contact is a must, and the advantage of Tigre is that it is not that far from the city.

We are going to tell you first how to get there, and then delve into what to do in Tigre…

How to get to Tigre

First, you need to know how to get there. We put together a note here on how to travel from Buenos Aires to Tigre, with the different ways to get there by public transport and / or bicycle.

Now, already being in Tigre, you will be able to enjoy everything that we are going to tell you here.


Paraná River Delta

what to do in tigreIt is the main attraction of Tigre. Formed at the mouth of several rivers, which, due to the dragging of sediments that end up depositing in the river beds, rivers are formed in the form of labyrinths and islands. This is the way of Tigre.

Just a couple of blocks from transportation, from the port, there are several services that travel through the Delta. You will find large boats and also small ones. From what we know so far, it is not necessary to book in advance and tickets are purchased at the same station.

In turn, there is the possibility of moving to a spa and enjoying the day there. It has several restaurants and bars, which have different types of meals of the day. We recommend you open Google Maps and gossip there until you find one you like to go straight!

A great idea, if you have time to spare, is to stay one night in the Delta. You will discover that it is a beautiful experience for a few days isolated and in close contact with nature. In the Airbnb application you will find many cabins for rent per day or per night.

Those who like to do sports can enjoy a kayak trip. There are several companies that have this service, both free-form Kayak rental, or for a walk. If you do, it is necessary to have previous experience, since it is a very busy area. It is an extra requirement!


Victorica Walk

what to do in tigreJust a few blocks from the transport station, there is a beautiful route on the banks of the Luján River called Paseo Victoria.

It is about 10 blocks, or a little more, that will allow you to enjoy the view of the river while you walk between beautiful paths.

Also, you will be able to sit in a restaurant, or in one of the public benches that this great walk has.

During the tour, you will also see the Naval Museum and the Tigre Art Museum, worth paying attention to.


Puerto de Frutos (Fruit Port)

what to do in tigreIt is a changing market over time. Its name is due to the fact that, at the beginning, they only traded fruit and vegetables that came from the Paraná River in boats.

Today, even though you can still buy fruit or vegetables, it became a slightly more diverse market. Here, you will find handicrafts in straw, wood, accessories for the house, many bazaars, products made of wood and a variety of places to have lunch or dinner.



Mate Museum

mateThis museum offers you a short, but very particular walk. It is small in size, but with a variety of 2,000 mate, light bulbs, thermos and documents about our traditional River Plate infusion.

In addition, it has a bar where you will be able to taste this beautiful culture of mate and even acquire an informative talk on how to prepare and drink mate.




Coast Park (Parque de la Costa)

parqueIf you are looking for a more intense adrenaline than the one we suggested from the kayaks or boats, you will be able to try something more intense like the Parque de la Costa Amusement Park.

We recommend not going in high season, since long lines are formed for the different attractions in the park, which takes a bit of enjoyment.

Given the situation of COVID-19, we recommend that you first find out the protocols and schedules of the park. Here we leave you their website so you can get advance tickets.


Map of Attractions