Car rental Buenos Aires, we tell you everything you need to know to have this useful tool.

Having the possibility of renting a car brings enormous benefits if you are planning to visit a large part of the country.

car rental buenos airesIf you travel as a team, with friends, or with the family, having a car at your disposal is a much cheaper, as well as comfortable, way to reach the best landscapes in Argentina.

Not to mention the freedom to plan the route in the way that convinces you the most!

Be careful, it does not mean that without a car you cannot do it, it is simply a great facility to have one!

But, let’s not go around any more, here we tell you everything you need to know and take into account about car rental Buenos Aires:

Requirement to rent


18 to 21 —> Some companies can rent it with an additional cost.

+ 21 —> You are old enough to rent a car without additional costs, but you cannot choose the car you want. You will only be able to choose from those available to your age range.

+ 25 —> You are old enough to rent any type of vehicle that the company has available.



  • Passport, Identity Document or Identity Card
  • Driver’s license from your country of origin with a minimum validity of 2 years. Requirement valid for 3 months from your arrival in the country. In case of being a resident, you can process the Argentine driver’s license (For more information we leave you the link here). If your card is in a non-Latin alphabet (that is, Japanese, Arabic or Cyrillic) you will have to present an International License along with that of your country.
  • Credit card with enough balance to pay the rent, in addition to being the guarantee in case of damage.


Recommended Companies

car rental buenos airesIn our opinion, they are the most recognized and recommended throughout the country. In turn, they have service offices in the main airports, which makes it even easier for you to do it as soon as you arrive and already enjoy this extra comfort on your trip through Argentina!



They have door to door service, with an additional cost. That is, they reach the car wherever you are with paying an extra amount.

They accept payments by credit card, debit card and even cash.

Reservations are made by WhatsApp at the number +54 11 3853 2220.

They have the option that you can take the car out of the country, paying an extra cost.

Here we leave you their website, so you can see everything they offer and have direct contact with them!



They have the option of reservations through their website.

They accept payment by credit or debit card.

Like Hertz, you can get the car out of the country at an extra cost.

We leave you their website so you can see what they offer.



They accept payments only by credit card.

You cannot take the car out of the country, only to Chile with a 10-day notice.

Here we leave its website for you to see its services.


Important tips

* In Argentina, you drive on the right side of the street.

* Headlights must always be on, and seat belts must always be fastened.

* Most of the cars are manual. Automatic cars are characterized by being more expensive.

* When renting a car, make sure that the company has left you the “Cédula Verde” (Identification Card for Authorized to Drive), since the traffic police may ask you for it. It is important that you always have all the documentation for you and the car you drive at hand.

* Drive with caution and paying close attention. Fundamentally, if you drive through the city of Buenos Aires. In Argentina it is handled very passionately, not to say aggressively. It will be very common for you to visualize the obvious with the driving rules!