Uruguay seen from Buenos Aires, will it be possible?

Unfortunately, there is no simple access site from which we can see the coast of Uruguay. Perhaps, in an apartment in a skyscraper-style building in Puerto Madero, which would not be a public entrance.

The reality is that, even being a coastal city, Buenos Aires has its back to the river. The building of the city does not give importance to fish, but its roots come from livestock and agriculture, the main source of its income.

You may think that, as a result of the river, we can market our products to the whole world. Yes, but if we focus on the design of the city and its planning, we will see a visible disconnection between the city and the coast. Moreover, the city of Buenos Aires has won land from the river, making its buildings on it. Also, it feels distant, as alien to our daily lives.

For this reason, we believe that Uruguay seen from Buenos Aires generates several contradictions. There are those who believe that it is seen, and surely it is, but it is not something easy to visualize.

Likewise, there are two coastal paths to travel, enjoy the view of the river and take advantage of the day. We don’t think you will be able to see the Uruguayan coast, but you will like the walk.

  • Ecological Reserve of Puerto Maderouruguay seen from buenos aires

It is a wonderful place, huge and full of nature. Different species of flora and fauna inhabit this great green space, the lung of the neighborhood. It is a place where, without a doubt, you will be able to enjoy a different outdoor lunch. Warm your eyes to fill yourself with these landscapes and discover the species that inhabit it!


  • Memory Park (Parque de la Memoria)

uruguay seen from buenos aires

Created as a monument to remember the victims of state terrorism that our country experienced during the military dictatorship.

Obviously, it is a different plan than the Reserve. This involves history and a journey through those tedious moments that were lived in Argentina. A different plan, but no less tempting.




* If you enjoy the landscapes of the coast, in Uruguay, there is a place called Colonia de Sacramento that is worth visiting. On a clear day, you will be able to see the lights of Buenos Aires and its skyscrapers if you are on the Rambla or at the lighthouse.

* If you want to know how long it takes you to get to Uruguay from Buenos Aires, here is a note with a lot of useful information!