Ecopark in Buenos Aires, previously, it was the Palermo Zoo that closed in 2016 to be transformed into this Natural Park.

Knowing this, you will surely wonder what happened to the species of animals that were previously part of the Zoo. Those who were in rehabilitation or had a disease, are the species that continue in this place, many of those species are still waiting for their freedom to arrive even today. The rest of the species were located in suitable places to enjoy their animal life in freedom and in their habitat.

The Ecopark is a space that is open to the public for free, in the heart of the Palermo neighborhood. Ecopark in Buenos AiresLocated in Av. Las Heras and Av. Sarmiento, very close to La Rural. It is under the mandate of the Ministry of the Environment and Public Space of the City of Buenos Aires.

It has 16.7 hectares in the open air, with the constant dedication of generating an environmental education with recreational experiences of all kinds and suitable for the whole family. Different Specific Projects for animal care were created.

In this place, you will be able to learn and know more about the care of natural environments and animals, through virtual reality technologies, as well as, with a variety of educational experiences.

To enter the Ecopark, you must go to Av. Sarmiento 2601, from Wednesday to Sunday (including
Ecopark in Buenos Airesholidays) from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Free entry!

If you are interested in knowing more about the autochthonous species of Argentina, being able to see them in freedom, enjoy a day outdoors and learn about the environment and its care, undoubtedly a visit to the Ecopark is a “must”.

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Given the COVID-19 situation, there is a limit to the capacity of people inside the park, they will take your temperature and the use of a mask is mandatory to circulate in the park.


Map of Location