Museums Tour Buenos Aires, a tour of the best options that the city offers!

The idea of ​​this note, like that of Pizza Tour Buenos Aires, is to bring you a complete tour of the best museums in the city, walking through the neighborhoods of Palermo and Recoleta.

As you may have noticed, Buenos Aires is a city full of culture and activities related to it. The main attractions for tourism are museums, so we are going to bring you the most recognized on a journey that you can do on foot.

We will start walking through the Recoleta neighborhood, from the corner of Av. Alvear and Posadas Street. Near here, exactly two blocks away, is the Recoleta Cemetery. Here is the link for you to access our Free Walking Tour Recoleta. But, not only is the Cemetery the attraction of this block, but you will also find the Palais de Glace. It is the National Palace of the Arts, which has free and open entry. We leave you the link to their website for more information.

If we continue the road along Av. Libertador, two blocks from the Palais de Glace, you will see the Museum Museums Tour Buenos AiresNational of Fine Arts. Imposing and huge, it also has free admission. We leave you here the web site so you can see everything it offers.

Walking a little further down the same avenue, approximately three blocks, you will see the National Museum of Decorative Art. In this case, you will have to pay the entrance fee, but it is not too expensive to miss out on visiting this Museum. Here we leave you its website for more information.

To end the tour, we will walk about three more blocks, but along Av. Alcorta, to reach the last museum of our Tour. It is the renowned Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires: MALBA. This museum, too, has a cost to enter, but on Wednesdays you will be able to access a great discount. We leave you their site to have the prices always updated.

Museums Tour Buenos AiresThus, we conclude our Museums Tour Buenos Aires, to enjoy the best options that Palermo and Recoleta have to offer.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Given the situation of COVID-19 the world is facing, several of the sites are temporarily closed or with strict protocols to comply with, therefore, we recommend that you inform yourself very well before wanting to go.

Here we leave you our note on the best museums in the city.


Map of Tour