Pizza Tour Buenos Aires, the ideal way to enjoy the best pizza options!

During the 20th century, Argentina had an immense wave of immigration, so that a large number of families from different parts of the world came to our country looking for a new opportunity to live better. This is the case of one of the most representative nationalities of this wave, which are Italians. Throughout the country, they displayed their culture and traditions, so you will not be surprised to find many ice cream and pizza places in different parts of Argentina.

Previously, we leave you our Bicycle Tour through the city of Buenos Aires, now the idea of ​​this note is to make you get a complete path with the best Pizza Stores you could visit, historical icons of the City of Buenos Aires, and, above all, with the best pizza. In this Pizza Tour Buenos Aires, you are going to enjoy a great variety of flavors in different places, so we suggest you eat only one portion in each place or you are going to explode with dough!

Once you finish, you will be able to select your favorite. For our part, we want to invite you to leave us your selection in comments. Now yes, Good Advantage and enjoy!

Pizza Stores of Buenos Aires


Pizza Tour Buenos AiresIn 1932, in the heart of the Microcentro neighborhood, it opened its doors for the first time. Its location is very strategic, since it is located on one of the busiest avenues in the city: Av. Corrientes 1368. Surely, you will pass through here many times, since it is a very popular street.

It becames known for its “Pass-Through Pizza” style, the idea is to just go and taste a couple of servings at the bar and leave. It has a wide variety of pizza options and styles, as well as being one of the best in the City. Without a doubt, you will not regret going to try everything they offer!

Here we leave your website to tempt you even more!



Pizza Tour Buenos AiresThey define themselves as “The Real Pizza.” In this case, it is a classic neighborhood pizzeria, located in La Boca. In 1932, too, it opened its doors at the hands of the Genoese immigrant Agustín Banchero. However, the one who was in charge of opening this place was his son, Juan Banchero.

The first branch is located at the intersection of Suárez and Almirante Brown streets. Likewise, they have a second location a few steps from Güerrín. We recommend you visit that place, so that it is part of the tour and you do not have to move to another area.

They became popular for creating the famous Fugazza with cheese.


La Rey

Pizza Tour Buenos AiresFounded in 1953, by a group of merchants under the command of Pepe Rey and Manuel Barreiro. Several renovations happened in 2010 to bring a bit of modern flair to the interior.

It has a wood oven, a variety of combos to avoid spending too much and 50 varieties of pizza tastes.

It is also located in Av. Corrientes, near the previous ones.


Las Cuartetas

Pizza Tour Buenos AiresIt was founded in 1930, but the goodwill was acquired by employees in 1957 until today.

Located right next to the Opera Theater on Av. Corrientes.

The pizza to the mold is his specialty; It is a much thicker dough and not too crunchy. Ideally, you should eat it with cutlery and a plate! However, it also has the option of Pizza on the stone or half dough. The only thing, do not forget to clarify it when placing your order, because its tradition is pizza to the mold. Another feature of this place is that the pizza comes with A LOT of cheese!


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