Bicycle Tour Buenos Aires, it is a ride in the most fun and sustainable way that there is in the city: By Bicycle!

We are going to tell you how to enjoy touring the city in the same day, through the best neighborhoods.

Due to its size, the city of Buenos Aires has 100kms of bike paths (or bicycle lanes) that run through the most well-known neighborhoods of the city, available to enjoy at any time of the day in the open air!

What we want to offer you on this tour is a combination of the culture and history of the city, as well as the green places, the typical palaces with European styles, the most important museums and buildings.

The Bicycle Tour Buenos Aires is about a visit through the neighborhoods of Palermo, Recoleta, Puerto Madero and San Telmo, with the places of tourism and not so touristy, in a single way to enjoy everything!

At the same time, you will be able to cut this path where you like the most and stay to enjoy a place that has caught your attention, because it is designed for all tastes and close to the best accesses. What we do recommend is that you always take your physical condition into account, since it is a 16 km ride, with an approximate duration of 4 hours (or 3:30 hours) subject to the speed with which you do it. As we told you before, you can cut it wherever you want, and, also, you will find several points where you can stop for a break.

Ready to go?

Our Departure Point is at Pasaje Giuffra and Balcarce, in the San Telmo neighborhood. From there, we will go along United States Street, through which we will cross to the lower part of the city to walk along the Bicycle Tour Buenos AiresDocks of Puerto Madero. In just a couple of streets, you are already in two different neighborhoods! Being in the Docks of Puerto Madero, it is a section where you can open your way to the side of the Costanera Sur, where you will collide with the Ecological Reserve. In this area, you will pass through the Puente de la Mujer and other places in the Puerto Madero neighborhood. For more information about everything you can do here, we leave you this note with the best activities!

If we continue our journey, from Puerto Madero, we are going to leave this neighborhood through the North Dock. We are going to see the San Martín Square, changing towards the Retiro neighborhood. If you did not rest until now, this giant green space is a wonderful place to breathe a little good air among its vegetation. Take advantage of recharging energy! If you want to take a detour, very close to there, you will arrive at the Center of Buenos Aires (Microcentro), and you will be able to see the Congress, the Pink House and the Mayo Square (Plaza de Mayo). Likewise, don’t worry, on the way back, we also think of a way to go through here!

We continue the tour along Av. Libertador, going to the Recoleta side. In this section, the street changes its name from Av. Libertador to Av. Figueroa Alcorta. Don’t think you got lost, many streets change their name when passing through certain points! From your right hand, you will see the enormous Faculty of Law, and a few meters away, is the Floralis Generic. Depending on the time you pass through here, it will be your position! Very close is the Plaza Francia (with the artisan fair), the Recoleta Cultural Center and the National Museum of Fine Arts. Undoubtedly, this is one of the parts of the route where you will want to make more stops, since in this same area, there is the Recoleta Cemetery. Here we leave you a note about the best places to visit in this neighborhood, an obligatory stop on any tour! In addition, you will run into many picturesque bars to stop and cool off a bit.

If at this point you already feel physical wear or fatigue is on the rise, we recommend you go back. But, in all sincerity we must tell you that Palermo is really close to Recoleta to stop now! Last section and we complete the route, shall we?

If you decided to take a detour to the Recoleta Cemetery and Plaza Francia, it will be convenient for you to continue along Av. Libertador. If you decided to enjoy the Floralis Generica, we continue along Av. Figueroa Alcorta, straight ahead. Around here, you will see the European-style buildings that we mentioned before. These picturesque houses are the Embassies of the different countries of the world. You will be able to recognize them because they have their flag hanging on the door.

We will continue along Av. Figueroa Alcorta, and we will pass by the Museum of Latin American Art. A few blocks from here, you will see the enormous Bosques de Palermo. This space is the green lung of the Bicycle Tour Buenos Airescity of Buenos Aires. We have already arrived to Palermo, and this beautiful space is going to be a great place to stop to rest, enjoy the landscape and be able to hydrate a little. You will find the Japanese Garden with its traditional oriental style, the Rose Garden within the forests, along with the Galileo Galilei Planetarium and its spaceship shape, the Buenos Aires Ecopark and, finally, the huge Botanical Garden. Here we leave you a note so that you know everything there is to do in the Palermo neighborhood.

If your fatigue is not high, and you want to continue a little longer, near here is Aeroparque, and you will be able to approach the Memory Park and enjoy a relaxing moment along the North Coast.

The idea is to go back to the starting point, to finish enjoying the San Telmo neighborhood, which we haven’t seen much of yet. Going back to that area, you will be able to see the Colón Theater and, this is where you can go to the Congress, the Pink House and the Mayo Square, in case you have not gone at the beginning of our journey. From here, we will continue through Adolfo Alsina to turn, then, in Balcarce. Try to take your eyes off the ground, since you are going to ride through the most colonial streets of the city, in addition to doing the Cartoon Trail and passing through the San Telmo Market that is at the intersection of Carlos Calvo and Bolívar. These last two are a must see in San Telmo!

And, this is where our Bike Tour ends. To do it in a single day, we think you saw the best things in the city, in addition to touring the capital, practically, in its entirety!

We are going to share our guide on the map, with the same starting and ending point, but, as we told you before, you will be able to vary it with the extra indications that we gave you.

Keep in mind to always wear a helmet and protection, as well as respect traffic signs and ride carefully.

We hope you enjoy our Bicycle Tour Buenos Aires!


Map of Route