Buenos Aires Jazz, a guide to the best options to enjoy this beautiful musical style.

Buenos Aires has great and varied cultural activities to offer. But, not only related to the local culture, but also some cultural or foreign fusions to enjoy in certain spaces.

In the branch of music, there are genres such as Tango or Folklore that are styles that are very present in the country, and that you can access them in the city.

In the case of Jazz, it is a style that began to occur in Buenos Aires, at the beginning of the 20th century, when Argentina had its eyes set on France and the United States as countries to imitate. From that moment on, several foreign artists generated such strong ties with some local artists that Buenos Aires became a focus of international Jazz.

Undoubtedly, it has developed so much that it has reached large scales in the city of Buenos Aires, where you will be able to run into many bars that will allow you to enjoy this fantastic musical style.

For our part, we want to provide you with a list of places where you will be able to find good Jazz shows…


Buenos Aires JazzIt is a restaurant that will allow you to discover artistic expressions, a varied cuisine and a bit of Jazz culture.

It is located a few blocks from the Obelisk, so it is very easy to access by any means of transport.

It has a huge variety of musical shows of all styles, all week long.

Here we leave you its website so that you are informed of the latest news and protocols.


📍 M.T. de Alvear 1155

✉️ edith@labibliotecacafe.com.ar

☎️ 4811-0673



buenos aires jazzIt is a bar in the heart of the Almagro neighborhood, which will allow you to have a delicious dinner.

It has a backyard that is ideal for nights with good weather, with tables and a good food menu.

It is a slightly more informal place than the one we told you about La Biblioteca Café.

They do not have an official website, so we leave you here their Facebook page in case you have a user and can access.


📍 Guardia Vieja 3811

✉️ ladrandoestamos@gmail.com

☎️ 4863-1095



buenos aires jazzUnfortunately, faced with the COVID-19 situation, it was forced to close its doors.

Likewise, we want to mention it, since it was one of the most important Jazz venues in the world. It had a specific Jazz record store and a beautiful restaurant.

What we could see about the latest news is that they will continue to treat their followers through social networks, to continue recommending music and managing shows.


📍 Av. Callao 966

✉️ disqueria@notorious.com.ar

☎️ 4813-6888



buenos aires jazzIn the heart of Palermo neighborhood, you will find this bar, awarded as the best place to enjoy good Jazz by DownBeat magazine.

Here you will meet a wide variety of local and international artists who regularly give shows.

We leave their website here so you can view its programming.


📍 Nicaragua 5549

✉️ consultasthelonious@gmail.com

☎️ They don’t take phone calls.



virasoroWith little space, it becomes a special place given the small number of people that can enter. Being a space with a small public, a more intimate and close air with the artists is achieved. In this way, you will find yourself entirely possessed by music.

For this reason, we recommend that you book before going there.

We leave their website here so that you have more information and can reserve your place.


📍 Guatemala 4328

✉️ info@virasorobar.com.ar

☎️ 54 11 4831-8918



bebopA few blocks from the Plaza de Mayo, in the basement of the Aldo’s Restaurant, is this great club.

Being provided by the restaurant, the food is of excellent quality and has a variety of dishes for all tastes.

You will be able to taste some tapas and some good drinks, while you enjoy Jazz, Blues, Soul and Funk music.

Today, reservations are made only by phone.

Likewise, we leave their website here for more information.


📍 Moreno 364

✉️ info@bebopclub.com.ar

☎️ (54911) 3069 5299



International Jazz Festival: In the month of November, religiously every year, in Buenos Aires there is a celebration of Swing Music, Jazz Fusion, Bebop and New Tango. This celebration is known as the International Jazz Festival, and it is one of the most important events of International Jazz. Many international artists are on the agenda, with master classes, free concerts and activities for all ages! The last year was canceled by the global COVID-19 situation, where the shows could not take place.


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