What to do in Puerto Madero, we tell you the best activities to do and the places to know in one of the most top neighborhoods in Buenos Aires!

It is the most modern neighborhood of the city of Buenos Aires of all. Located a few blocks from San Telmo and many others from Microcentro. Puerto Madero appears to be a completely separate and distinct city.

It is a perfect combination of historic and port buildings, brick structures and iron arches, along with modern and quaint restaurants, as well as having the tallest skyscrapers in the entire city.

In this huge Buenos Aires neighborhood, you will be able to find the largest Ecological Reserve. It is a unique oasis of flora and fauna, in the middle of the country’s capital.

Now, we are going to leave you our list of places to visit and what to do in Puerto Madero.

Woman’s Bridge (Puente de la Mujer)

It is one of the main icons of a classic Puerto Madero postcard. Imposing and very present, it is the passage from a completely port side to the modern side par excellence.

Ideal for taking a photo, crossing it at a very calm step, and admiring, at the same time, the entire environment that surrounds it. Around it, you will find beautiful views, contrasting cranes against the huge skyscrapers, old racks and many little bars / restaurants.

what to do in puerto maderoFor anyone coming to Puerto Madero, this bridge is a must see.

To know a little about its history, in 2001 it was built by the architect Santiago de Calataraya. Its design is inspired by a tango couple. Clearly, it is an abstract representation of a synthesis of it.

Why is it called Woman’s Bridge? Because the idea is to represent all women of Argentine nationality, outstanding in the history of our country.

When you cross this bridge, you will be able to meet street vendors, some musicians and many people walking through this wonderful place.

On one side of the bridge, you will meet the Sarmiento Frigate (Fragata Sarmiento). It is an old ship, historically known, part of the Argentine Navy. Currently, and for several years, it has only functioned as a museum of nautical instruments and history.


Walk the Docks

what to do in puerto maderoThis neighborhood used to function as the commercial port of the city. The old docks were remodeled to become Universities, offices, residences, restaurants and bars of different styles.

This space became the cradle of the varied gastronomy of Buenos Aires. Here you will find international food, typical Argentine and American-style fast food places.

In contrast, on the other side, you will find the modern and luxurious sector, with residential buildings with high purchasing power. It’s like the contrast between yin and yan in building styles!

Undoubtedly, you will enjoy walking to one side or the other a lot, since the view is great, the panorama of this part of the city is worth a visit and the varied restaurants will satisfy your culinary needs without a doubt.

To walk the total of dams that this place has, it takes approximately 2 km total. Don’t worry, there are pedestrian paths and many strategic stops to relax a bit. Even if you do not want to consume anything to save, there are several benches a few meters away along the entire route so that you can sit a little to enjoy watching without moving.

To facilitate your order, the docks are numbered from 1 to 4, starting from Retiro to the north. If you complete the walk, you will be able to see the Fortabat Art Collection, the Uruguay Corvette, the Sarmiento Frigate and the Woman’s Bridge.


Amalia Lacroze of Fortabat Art Collection

what to do in puerto maderoIt is a museum located on dock 1, which has a collection of works of art by authors such as William Turner, Andy Warhol, and the most recognized national painters, such as Antonio Berni or Fernando Fader.

It is a private non-profit institution, which exhibits a private collection of Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat, inside a modern building, with beautiful views of the Puerto Madero docks.

If you are interested in visual art, you cannot miss seeing this museum! In addition, it is among the most important art museums in the city.

Here we leave you their website for more information on exhibitions, schedules and protocols.

So that you know the best museums in Buenos Aires, we leave you this note with all the details so you don’t miss any!


Towers and Skyscrapers

what to do in puerto maderoThere is a collection of residential towers, all built under the American style with a free perimeter. In this way, a kind of “skyline” is created that is not seen in other parts of the city.

If you enjoy architecture, you will find a conglomeration of great towers such as the Renoir Towers, Alvear Tower (the tallest building in Buenos Aires), and the Chateau Puerto Madero.



Ecological Reserve

what to do in puerto maderoOn the banks of the Río de la Plata, this protected and unique natural area of ​​the city of Buenos Aires is located.

It is like a lung in the middle of the city, very close to the bustle of Microcentro. It has self-guided trails for you to discover the fauna and flora of the reserve. The view is its fundamental point of attraction, since it has a beach with access to the river and many viewpoints on the trails.

It is about 350 hectares of lagoons, wetlands and green spaces. It has huge and very beautiful forests.

To get out of the landscape of skyscrapers and modernity, it is an excellent plan. Inside, you will be able to experience the contrast between the urban landscape of the skyline of the towers and pure nature. They are combined in a visually unique way!

Admission is free, but given the global situation of COVID-19, the time spent in the reserve is only 2 hours.


The Old Waterfront (Costanera)

what to do in puerto maderoIt is a seaside walk that locals used to frequent in the last century.

It has a walk that borders the Ecological Reserve and a beautiful roundabout. There, you will be able to see the lagoon and the vegetation that limits the area.

In addition, you will find a collection of statues of the most important athletes in Argentina, called “Walk of Glory” (Paseo de la Gloria). It is from Lionel Messi, Manu Ginobili to Guillermo Vilas.

On this road, you will come across many street food stalls, with the best choripanes, the most exquisite bondiolas and hamburgers in the whole city. Do not be guided by the façade of the stalls, without a doubt, they are the best and the people who eat there will be able to tell you the same!


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