Check What to do in San Telmo and the City Centre.

We are going to give you a full description about what to do in the centre of the great City of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.

You are going to be able to visit amazing places, to have a coffee in an historical bar, and know more about the traditions of this country.


City Centre Tour

what to do in san telmoGoing of a Free Tour is a great option if you want to get a historic and political perspective of our city. This tour departs at 3 pm from the gates of the National Congress, it shows you the main buildings along Av. De Mayo with their history and it finishes at the gates of the Pink House. Check the information here!



Café Tortoni

what to do in san telmoBuenos Aires has a thriving café culture. A café is the place where the porteño goes to enjoy his cortado, read the news and spend hours with friends. Although there are many historic cafes in the city, Café Tortoni is the emblem of this coffee tradition.





Barolo’s Palace (Palacio Barolo)

what to do in san telmoMario Palanti designed this building inspired on Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy. Finished in 1923, the whole building, that is full of symbols, represents in itself a journey from Hell to Heaven. On the 22nd floor there is a lighthouse that you can visit to have a view of the city, but you can only access taking one of their tours.




Manzana de las Luces

what to do in san telmoThe Manzana de las Luces, near the Pink House, is a whole complex of buildings that include the St Ignatius Church, the National School of Buenos Aires and a set of galleries and underground tunnels. It was built by the Jesuits at the beginning of the 18th century. The Church is the oldest building of the city. You should definitely check it out, but don’t get so excited about the underground tunnels, they are unsafe, so visitors inside the tunnels are not allowed.



Zanjón de Granados

what to do in san telmoThis is where to explore the undergrounds of Buenos Aires. This set of tunnels are the property of a private investor who brought the house with the idea of setting up a restaurant, but when he learned about the secret passageways, he embarked into the most important archaeological project in the city of Buenos Aires, unearthing what many historians believe to be the site of the first Spanish settlement of 1536.



Minimal House (Casa Mínima)

what to do in san telmoLocated at Pasaje de San Lorenzo 380, this house with a green door and a small iron balcony on the top floor, is the narrowest house of the city. It is said the house was given to a black slave after the abolition of slavery, but some historians don’t believe it so. It just across the Zanjón de Granados, so don’t forget to take an Instagram selfie here.




San Telmo Market and Plaza Dorrego

what to do in san telmoSunday is the day to visit the Market in San Telmo. Artisans, locals and tourist crowd Defensa Street to buy artwork, crafts, antiques and curious thingamabobs like vinyl disc, soda siphons, old posters and collectibles cans.




Walrus Second-Hand Bookshop

what to do in san telmoThis cozy little library offers a charming atmosphere in the heart of San Telmo. If you consider yourself a bookish person, don’t miss this one. There are great volumes and old editions of the favourite classics. Besides, they are super cheap.