Lezama Park Buenos Aires, a huge green space to enjoy the fresh air and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city!

Located in the heart of the San Telmo neighborhood, right on the border between it and La Boca. Specifically, it is located between Brasil and Defensa streets and Martín García and Paseo Colón avenues.

It is a walk of tradition, home to the famous National Historical Museum, home of Gregorio Lezama. Thus, we know the reason for its name.

Lezama Park Buenos AiresHere, you can find a beautiful ravine that falls towards the avenues that we mentioned before, as well as a beautiful amphitheater with steps made of stone and the groves that decorate the surrounding streets.

Historians maintain the idea that this was where the first foundation of Buenos Aires was carried out in 1536, by the hand of Pedro de Mendoza. Known this place as Puntas de Buenos Aires. What we do know is that it was owned by several until in 1857, Gregorio Lezama managed to buy it.

He himself hired European landscapers to design one of the private gardens, which became the most luxurious and exquisite of that time, in addition to importing exotic plants and trees, the mansion also underwent some transformations.

When Gregorio Lezama died, his widow sold these lands, in 1894, to the Commune of that area, under the condition that this place be converted into a public space so that the population could enjoy and walk around here, and that it bear the name of his deceased husband.

Lezama Park Buenos AiresInside the park, you will find several monuments and sculptures in honor of Pedro de Mendoza. In turn, you will find a fountain and a viewpoint.

Around the area, you will find more attractions to visit, such as the two notable bars that are located between Defense and Brazil streets. These are The Hippopotamus and The British. They are worth mentioning, since they are ideal to go to enjoy more about the traditional history of the city and eat something delicious after enjoying the walk in the park!

Here, you will be able to dedicate a moment of relaxation and a day of enjoyment outdoors, walking through nature and very close to more attractions that San Telmo has to offer. Here we tell you everything you can do in this neighborhood, so you can learn even more!

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Map of Location