Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity, all the information and history about the date that commemorates the respect for the variety of cultures and the original peoples of Argentina.

Formerly, it was celebrated as “Columbus Day”, recalling the historical events of the conquest and colonization of the Spanish Empire in American territory. Since 2010, before a Presidential Decree, it became “Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity”, which is commemorated every October 12.

Day of Respect for Cultural DiversityA change was achieved in the meaning of the date, much more in keeping with the ethnicity of each of the peoples, as well as human rights over the diversity of cultures. This modification opened the doors to the analysis and valuation of the cultural differences that constitute the identity of the country. At the same time, it seeks to recall and highlight the deaths of native peoples, providing a meaning more related to the values ​​assigned in the Argentine National Constitution.

This day becomes a date for historical reflection, intercultural dialogue and a breakdown of the concept of the division of races in all humanity. In this way, the search is to end racism in the world.

Beyond being a date whose memory is the imposition that one culture suffered over another, in this case, europeans over indigenous; colonization and invasion, in turn, is a reason for reflection on how necessary it is to preserve and protect the country’s original assets, with respect for the heritage and traditional culture that our territory deserves.

Day of Respect for Cultural DiversityIn the words of UNESCO, cultural diversity allows the wisdom of the past to prepare the ground for the future, broaden the alternatives and nurture different worldviews, values ​​and human capacities. At the same time, it promotes the sustainable development of individuals, communities and countries.

Enough reasons so that every October 12, the struggle is commemorated and the existence of the cultural diversity that exists in Argentina is respected. For this reason, you can find different activities related to this date, depending on where you are in the country.

We delve into the search for respect for all cultural expressions that nurture, integrate and dialogue with each other, venerating the multiple traditions, identities and belongings that make up Argentine society, enriching and combating stereotypes, in order to improve understanding and cooperation between cultures.

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