Mercat of Villa Crespo, an innovative proposal and experience in the style of the best European markets but in the heart of Buenos Aires.

Under the idea of ​​“Less Super, More Market”, its foundations are based on the Boqueria in Barcelona. In the neighborhood of Villa Crespo, a new gastronomic pole was installed. Innovative and creative, it is one of the largest in the country!

Mercat of Villa CrespoOn this site, you can find a space to enjoy and meet, discovering new foods and products at really affordable prices.

With a total of 2,700 m2, it has 38 exclusive premises for selection producers, where no item is repeated. It is divided into 3 floors, has a foyer and an auditorium for training, classes, talks and cooking workshops, which are paid and free, tastings and product launches.

In the past, and for a long time, a handbag factory worked in this space. To achieve this wonderful local market, the original building was supported, which helped to provide an aesthetic of concrete and metal to the space. Lots of exposed brick on the walls and vintage details that you’ll love.

Mercat of Villa CrespoAs we mentioned before, this space is inspired by the Boqueria in Barcelona, ​​for that very reason: Mercat means Market in Catalan. The idea of ​​locating this space in Villa Crespo is to enhance the imprint that the neighborhood already has with its mix of communities and cuisines from around the world. The main idea of ​​this market is to be able to achieve fair trade, bringing the producer directly closer to the consumer. In many cases, some producers were able to have their first premises thanks to this initiative. For this reason, you will find a single option for each item, with experimental and highly innovative proposals.

Mercat of Villa CrespoThe objective of this place is to preserve the playful spirit of the old markets, that is, to be able to come here, walk from one place to another, look, taste, discover and enjoy. The walls are adorned with giant gastronomy-themed murals, creating a colorful combination with concrete and dark metal.

Among the curiosities offered here, you will be able to find Vedanna Pulled Tea, an infusion that is not traditionally served in a cup with hot water, but rather comes out of a tap, fresher and slightly carbonated. In turn, you will find typical Argentine food, such as the empanadas from La Casa de Tafi, which are brought directly from Tucumán, in a refrigerated truck. Also, you will find the meat market sandwiches from Pastizales Nativos, and the delicious products from Dulce de Leche & Co. And if you like Jewish delicatessen, you will find the first Jewish bakery, Moisha, which will make you fall in love with its knishes, pretzels, hummus and more!

Patio Mercat Villa CrespoAnd if you thought that’s all, we tell you that the coffee ceremony that we Argentines love so much is added to this space! For this reason, you will get options of an innumerable variety of coffee, in addition to filtered ones. Also, there are many wine options, vegan products without tac and even a space to buy fruits and vegetables without agrochemicals! You can take these products with you, without having to buy a bag, but they are also sold by the kilo.

The Mercat of Villa Crespo is open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Friday and Saturday, its schedule is from 11 a.m. to 01 a.m. It is closed only on Mondays!

In turn, they usually organize different activities or shows, so we leave you here their Instagram profile for more information.

Here we tell you everything you can do in Villa Crespo, so you can enjoy this Buenos Aires neighborhood more.

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