Sarmiento Park Buenos Aires, a huge green space, away from the busy neighborhoods of the city, but beautiful for a day outdoors!

Popularly known as a focus for sports activities, meetings and celebrations. Many locals come to this space to clear their heads a bit or do some sport.

Sarmiento Park Buenos AiresIt is located in the middle of the Saavedra neighborhood and is one of the few parks with a variety and quantity of sports facilities.

It has paddle ball courts, soccer, handball, beach volleyball, athletics, Olympic swimming pools and more!

In turn, it has a grill space, in case you like a gourmet lunch made by yourself. Around the area, there are not many businesses nearby, so keep in mind to take supplies in case you go all day in picnic mode!

It has a total area of ​​70 hectares and has several activities taking place within the park, such as tennis, gymnastics, athletics and hockey schools.

Sarmiento Park Buenos AiresIf you are looking for a day of nature, space for you, sports and tranquility, this will be your best option.

It is located near General Paz, on Dr. Ricardo Balbín Avenue. Several bus lines can bring you closer to the area, but do not count on the subway option, since no line reaches here. Although access is not so simple, it is located right on the border that divides the Capital and the Province. If you dare to access by bike, there is a 3 thousand meter bike path inside the park!

Access to the park is absolutely free.

Here we leave you more information about other green spaces in the city!


Map of Location