Centennial Park, a meeting point for any meeting that arises in the surroundings of the Almagro neighborhood.

It is a meeting area of ​​various styles such as outdoor sports, percussion ensemble, mates in front of the lagoon, training and many more activities!

Centennial ParkA green area that attracts many people who want to enjoy a moment outdoors and is located between the main avenues of this neighborhood: Av. Ángel Gallardo and Av. Díaz Vélez.

You will find a large circulation of people no matter what time it is! Likewise, do not worry that you will always have a space of peace and tranquility, since this park is really huge.

During the week, you can enjoy the book fair and, if you come here on weekends, you can see its great craft fair that has varied items and for all tastes!

Centennial ParkIn this same park, you will find the Museum of Natural Sciences with various attractions and exhibits, depending on when you go. Here we leave their website to access more information.

Access to the park is completely free and open, but it has opening hours from 6 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Without a doubt, it is an excellent option for physical activities, so do not be surprised if many compulsive runners, walkers and cyclists pass by near you! In addition, it has skate tracks and a sports plaza, in addition to the coveted lagoon to drink mate!

Centennial ParkAnd, if you want to have a more chill moment, you will find several gastronomic options around the Park.

Here we leave you more options of green spaces so you can enjoy Buenos Aires outdoors!

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Map of Location