What to do in Recoleta, everything that this picturesque Buenos Aires neighborhood has to offer you!

Recoleta is one of the largest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, and in turn, it has many of the most attractive places in the city, such as the Recoleta Cemetery, an Open Air Museum without a doubt!

The best thing about this neighborhood is that all its attractions can be visited in the same day and are all free. Here we leave you the link to our Free Walking Tour Recoleta.

Now, we are going to delve into some of the activities so that you know What to do in Recoleta:

Alvear Avenue

what to do in recoletaIt is one of the most picturesque avenues in the city.

Here you will find the largest mansions, which, in ancient times, belonged to aristocratic families. Almost all are, today, embassies, public administration buildings or hotels.

The French style is going to be really noticeable in all these luxury buildings.

The streets are adorned with beautiful trees, which makes it a very particular avenue.


Recoleta Cemetery

what to do in recoletaAs we told you above, more than a Cemetery, it is an Open Air Museum.

To continue the tour from Avenida Alvear, you must continue walking until you reach Plaza Alvear. If you go on weekends, you will be able to enjoy the artisan fair that is set up there, with a big variety of products for all tastes.

Once in Plaza Alvear, you will be able to see the brick walls of the huge Cemetery, right next to the Iglesia del Pilar.

It was founded in 1822 and contains an endless number of extremely important personalities for the history of the country.

Here, you will feel that you are immersed in a city of huge mausoleums and luxurious buildings.

Many stories are hidden here, but, given the COVID-19 situation, visits are paused indefinitely. Therefore, we recommend that you stay informed about current protocols and policies.

Here we leave you our note about this incredible place.


National Museum of Fine Arts

what to do in recoletaVery close to the Cemetery, continuing along Av. Libertador, you will come across this huge pink building, which stands out among the trees in the parks.

It has a large collection of art from all times and admission is free.

Once you have toured the Museum, you can go out and walk around the block to appreciate the immense University of Law.

Due to the global situation of COVID-19, the Museum is temporarily closed, so here we leave you the website to be informed and know all the current protocols.

Here we leave you our note with the best museums of the city so you do not miss any of them!


Floralis Generic

what to do in recoletaIf you made it to the University of Law, it is impossible not to see this huge metal flower in the middle of the lawn!

Donated by a renowned architect in 2002.

It is a huge structure with an important mechanism that closes and opens its petals according to the sunlight.

Every morning it opens at 8am and then closes at dusk. The schedules depend on the time of year due to the exposure of light, but the idea of ​​all this mechanics is to simulate the process of a real flower.


National Library

national libraryIf you keep walking along Av. Libertador, you will come across this immense building.

It was inaugurated in 1992, and it is a clear example of the Brutalist style, with raw concrete.

It has an auditorium and many spaces to enjoy reading, with the landscape overlooking the river.

If you are interested in architecture and reading, you cannot miss coming here. It is a highly controversial building, as many dislike its rough aesthetics and many others love it!

We recommend that you go and see what this huge concrete hammer generates for you.

Given the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Library is closed to the public due to the current regulations by the government. Here we leave its website so that we are informed with the latest news.


The Ateneo

ateneo grand splendidTo continue on the path of reading, we recommend you visit The Ateneo Grand Splendid, but its style is much more European and subtle.

Located on Av. Santa Fe, it is a beautiful French-style building, similar to the embassies that we told you about above, but in the middle of the busiest avenue in Recoleta.

Formerly it was a theater, so it maintains its Auditorium aesthetic, but full of books and CDs.

You will be able to appreciate that it also preserves the boxes, the curtains, ornaments and the wonderful paint in its dome.

Most people visit it for the atmosphere it generates and its beauty. It is like immersing yourself in a reading temple, and it even has a coffee inside!



– We are sure that with so much walking, you will be hungry and want a little rest. The good news is that, throughout the tour, you will find many restaurants, bars and cafes to sit down to eat and relax a bit.


Map of Attractions