If you are staying in Buenos Aires for a very short time, Recoleta is a neighbourhood that you cannot miss. It is the core of the very best of the city with its well-kept mansions, fancy restaurants and big parks.



The Recoleta Cemetery

what to do in recoletaThis cemetery is world-wide known for the beauty of its mausoleums. In fact, some people consider it an out-doors museum of sculptures. This private cemetery, received thousands of visitors each day who are eager to see Evita’s grave. But, to tell you the truth, hers is not the most beautiful tomb, go check the one of Rufina Cambaceres or that of Liliana Crociati.

Tours on the cemetery start at 3 pm with a company called Free Walking Tour (Year 2020).



Lunch at La Biela

what to do in recoletaHave lunch at one of the most delightful restaurants in town. The most traditional restaurant in the heart of Recoleta is La Biela. But you can also treat yourself to a fancy brunch at L’Orangerie, inside the Alvear Palace Hotel.





Stroll the Artisan Market

what to do in recoletaOn the weekends Plaza Alvear welcomes artisans from all over the city, who sell their artwork to tourists and locals. Stroll along the aisles of the fair, it can be a bit crowded but it’s a lovely afternoon activity.

Also, you’ll enjoy some live music and a good sun day at the park!




Church of El Pilar

what to do in recoletaIt opened in 1732, when nobody inhabited this part of town. Now, it is the second oldest church of Buenos Aires. From the outside it looks like a plain white colonial church, but inside, it is magnificently decorated with golden altarpieces and pieces of Peruvian silverwork.





Museum of Fine Art

what to do in recoletaIf you are into visual art, then you should consider visiting the National Museum of Fine Art. This pink building in Recoleta holds a collection of national and international paintings and sculptures. You will find pieces of artists such as Monet, Rodin, El Greco and Van Gogh. If you would like to know which are the best museums in Buenos Aires, click here.