Carlos Thays Park, located in the middle of the Recoleta neighborhood, close to other activities that you can enjoy on the same tour and outdoors!

With 4500m2, more than 4 hectares, it bears the name of Carlos Thays, in honor of said landscaper. Thays was the creator of several green spaces in the city, so don’t be surprised if you hear him repeatedly.

Carlos Thays ParkWhat distinguishes this space and differentiates it from the rest of the city’s parks is that it has a huge variety of sculptures displayed throughout the space. You will find as one of the most outstanding, the “United Nations” of the renowned artist Marta Minujín; the “Male Torso” by Fernando Botero; “Pro National Culture” by the italian sculptor Alejo Afani; among many other great artists.

It is located between Callao and Del Libertador avenues, very close to a wide range of bars so you can enjoy a day of picnic and end your tour having a drink or eating something delicious.

Carlos Thays ParkA few meters away, you will come across the National Museum of Fine Arts, the University of Law, the Floralis Generic and the famous Recoleta Cemetery.

Admission to this space is free and completely free! Really, you will not regret taking a moment to enjoy this place, breathe fresh air, explore a bit of art, and, at the same time, be close to many other interesting attractions that the Recoleta neighborhood offers. To plan a day in this area, we leave you more information here!

Carlos Thays ParkWhat you should keep in mind is that, if you consume something in the park, take your garbage to the nearest bin in order to take care of the place. Preserving these green spaces is a collective job!



– Do not be confused by its name, there are other spaces that bear the name of this landscaper, such as the Botanical Garden. We leave you the map so you don’t get lost!


Map of Location