Carriage Market Buenos Aires, a modern gastronomic pole that will allow you to enjoy the Retiro neighborhood even more.

The space where it was built has a lot of history, in addition to being a new gastronomic offer, with fresh food and a huge variety for any taste!

Carriage Market Buenos Aires

Its building dates back to 1900, created to be the garage for the presidential carriages, hence its name “Carriage Market”. In this place, the horses and carriages of the Presidency of the Nation used to rest. Later, it became a parking lot for official cars, when the carriage was no longer used as a means of transportation.

It was declared a Historical Heritage, so its expansion and restoration had the obligation to maintain some original sectors and parts. Regarding its reform, it was oriented to the return of the original state of its façade, without affecting its heritage value. With bronze doors, a central dome, several stained glass windows and tiled walls, this site maintains the essence of those spaces of the time intact. You can see its majolica tiles in the entrance hall, which are also original, like the bronzes and bricks.

Carriage Market Buenos AiresIt has 4200mts in total, with a terrace that has vertical and ornamental gardens, two floors and 43 stores with fresh merchandise that varies from meats, vegetables, national and imported foods, cheeses and different restaurant specialties.

On the ground floor is the shopping mall, with varieties of organic, fresh and pantry products. In addition, you will find packaged products. Some of these products come from abroad and many others are from different regions of Argentina.

On the terrace and the first floor, you will be able to enjoy the craft brewery, cafeteria, regional foods, ice cream parlor, wine cellar, sushi, desserts and much more! All the options are designed to be consumed on the spot, or with the Take Away option. If you want this second option, you can go to San Martín Square to enjoy the fresh air and a delicious picnic, or walk to Puerto Madero. We leave you more information here!

Carriage Market Buenos AiresIn addition to all these options, you will find Patagonian jams, pasta without TACC, a variety of blends and teas, vinegars, wines of the same brand from the Carriage Market and bazaar products. And, as if that were not enough, the surprises continue! Here you will be able to delight yourself with one of the most famous scissor-cut churros in the world, made by the famous Madrid chocolate shop: San Ginés. Yes, in this market, you can find this delicacy! As competition, there is the Boulangerie, English, with its typical Breton crêpes and galettes.

A new opening of premises is coming, to continue adding options, since its inauguration, the occupation is 70% in total.

You can find this gastronomic paradise on Av. Leandro N. Alem, in the heart of the Retiro neighborhood, a few meters from Av. Córdoba. Without a doubt, we recommend that you visit this space to be able to delight all your senses in one place!

The combo of gastronomic delights and the beauty of the space will give you a different walk, where you will experience endless sensations throughout your being. From empanadas, draft vermouth, tapas, fondues, to top brand cafeteria, Asian and organic food, and much more.

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