Gastronomic Markets Buenos Aires, a complete list of the best places to delight your palate in a setting of distraction, walks and more.

Buenos Aires is not only a huge city, but for this very reason, the activities it offers are endless. Each option you choose allows you to continue getting to know the city a little more. Within these proposals, the one that is most in focus is the one that has to do with Gastronomy.

As we tell you in other notes, there is a wide variety of delicious and incredible restaurants, bars and grills for you to try all the delicacies that the city offers and immerse yourself in its tradition.

Likewise, a few years ago the style of Markets or Gastronomic Poles exploded. These are spaces for gourmet walks, with a lot of variety and cuisines from different parts of the world, with the option of Take Away or for you to stay and enjoy yourself right there. They are simply old buildings or sheds that were remodeled to bring those old and traditional neighborhood markets to the present.

New points of sale for processed, fresh and packaged products were built, at the same time that new spaces were created to enjoy different proposals for workshops, training, shows, including a space to enjoy good food.

From Villa Crespo and Palermo to Retiro and San Telmo, you will find a variety of options that meet the requirements of all tastes and styles that exist!

Therefore, we are going to visit the best options of Buenos Aires Gastronomic Markets:

RETIRO – Carriage Market

Gastronomic Markets Buenos AiresBuilding from 1900, which unifies the present with the past. It was declared a Historical Heritage of the City and is located at 852 Alem Street. Its doors opened giving rise to a very gourmet initiative where prepared and fresh products, the variety of food and drinks are the protagonists of the story.

It is an excellent option, if not ideal, for you to enjoy a harmonious walk with the best gastronomic options. You will find countless stalls of international brands, at the same time that you can enjoy typical regional products and more!

Here we tell you more about this Market!


VILLA CRESPO – Mercat Villa Crespo

Gastronomic Markets Buenos AiresIn those streets where the neighbors meet on the sidewalks to talk, with beautiful trees and special details, you can breathe the very particular air of the neighborhood.

It is here, in this very traditional setting, that the Mercat Villa Crespo emerges. With industrial aesthetics in terms of its construction and about 2700m2 divided into 3 different floors.

You will see 28 stalls with products that represent typical Argentine foods. Its objective is to generate a trade that reduces the distance between the producer and the consumer.

You will buy selected foods, taste new flavors and get ingredients from various artisan producers.

Here we tell you more!


PALERMO – Soho Market

Gastronomic Markets Buenos AiresIn the heart of Palermo, this space is erected with all the modern vibes.

Located in Armenia 1744, it has the clear inspiration of the European Markets: an infinity of unique and special flavors to be able to taste.

Divided into 2 floors, with a variety of options to offer. On the ground floor is where the most “street” or “on the go” kitchens from different parts of the world are found. On the upper floor, the variety is more elaborate and gourmet. With 9 international cuisines ranging from Syria, Asia and Europe, going through the different typical dishes of each place, as well as their culture.

Here, we leave you more information about this space and here we tell you what you can do in Palermo.


BELGRANO – Belgrano Market

Gastronomic Markets Buenos AiresLocated at Juramento 2527, it was built in 1891 and is considered a classic in the area. Formerly, it was known under the name of Belgrano Model Fair.

Today, different places supplying fruits and vegetables, spices, fish and meat are combined here, as well as more picturesque places with a gourmet style.

In turn, you can enjoy a place with outdoor space, which has tables and benches for you to eat outside, in a more relaxed state.

Here we tell you everything you can do in the Belgrano neighborhood.


SAN TELMO – San Telmo Market

San Telmo MarketInaugurated in 1897, on Bolívar 970, very close to Plaza Dorrego, one of the best known in San Telmo.

Declared a National Historic Monument, Italian in style, it maintains its original structure intact as far as its internal part is concerned.

In this space, you will be able to find places with an offer of fruits, meats, vegetables, as well as a variety of antiques and many gastronomic proposals that will accompany your walk.

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